Scammed by other translator


I started to work at Fiverr for few months and now I am a level 2 seller. I am a translator for Chinese and English and I realized recently I’ve received some request from different seller but I suspect they are from the same seller as the file name they sent me were in the format of “File_1496464852, File_1496387707”, can’t be a coincidence as I received it everyday. I did accepted two offer at the beginning, the first buyer cancelled the order with the reason that I used translation machine, which I never and his English was very poor. And the second buyer left me a 3.4 stars review without any reason and I can’t contact her and offline for so many days already.
I just want other seller to be careful, and I am really happy to work at Fiverr !
Have a nice day !


Keep eye on them when they are online, drop a message. The review can be edited within 30 days.

One of my buyer did not leave a review and was offline for more than a week (Order was marked as completed by autocomplete feature). Last night I noticed him online, I instantly sent a message politely and asked for a review.
He replied ,"It is my third time submitting a review but it does not work."
Finally yesterday he made a positive review and also sent me a screenshot.


I got my suspicions too on certain buyer. There’s this one repeat customer of mine, kept giving me 4 star rating. Probably a seller too, but using different account, who trying to keep the competition low. I mean if my job were not that good enough, why keep ordering with me. :sob: Why?


The problem is the buyer actually gave me a bad review and never online again, I want to know which part she is not satisfy with my job so I can improve, but later I realized she was a scam, these few days I keep received messages from buyer that I suspected to be the same buyer but different accounts. So I just rejected the job because I don’t want to risk cancellation and bad review for no reason.


I can totally feel you, because if the buyer is not satisfy with my service, they can talk to us, so we know what can improve next time. But this buyer just left me the 3.4 stars review and never online again. For these few days, I keep receiving offers from the same buyer but use different accounts. I don’t know to risk myself for cancelled order and bad reviews for no reason again :frowning:


It was good a decision to reject the job from that scam in order to avoid bad review again.


As Chinese translator as well, I have never encountered such kind of scams. But what annoys me is that a lot of peers gain their orders by quoting an incrediable low and nonprofit price, and then use machinery translation to cheat their client . Seemingly, it is non of my business, but in fact, this kind of action will affect every peer here, clients will never trust us and leave this platform once they find the truth.
By the way, I think the scams you met are not uncommon, Chinese, hehe, you know them!


I think it’s everyone’s business. I buy often here, including translation service. Because of cheaters that use machine translators, I’m skeptical of anything I get unless I get it double checked.


Yes I know this things happened ! Because there was a translator came to me and asked me to do a translation for me, and what I found ridiculous was he can’t even type to me in Chinese ! And I saw he got quite a lot of sales… I mean yeah he charged low price by using translation tools, but as a native speaker we definitely know the translation from translation tool is not even make sense at all… But translator in Fiverr can’t even speak Chinese, this is ridiculous !
But I mean everyone should play fair in this platform, I really don’t like of this kind of tactics they used, I really put on effort on my work and take it seriously…


Yeah I know because I’ve some customers they even have to find another person to do proofread just to make sure we don’t use translation tool, so they have to pay double the price just to make sure they get a quality translation. I realized translators that using translation tools are actually have a lot of jobs because they can deliver faster and offer cheaper price and they know those people who wants this kind of service can’t read Chinese.
I think this is a problem that we need to concern. For both buyer and seller, it’s a problem of trust.


Amen to that!

Google does literal translation not fluent translation, leading to incoherent writing. :frowning:

I mean can you imagine how bad that would be if I were to use one if the machine translation book blurbs on Amazon?

Native speakers would think it was a joke. :frowning::broken_heart:


Google translation is of no use. It swaps the head and tail of the sentence and in middle there are jokes.


There was a buyer asked for my help before, it was project of her company, she bought a gig from a seller for translation but she couldn’t understand Chinese, so she just passed up to her boss, she got scolded by her boss badly because the translation was from Google translate after she checked it.
I mean sometimes it really trouble people because most of them used it for business purpose.
It was really a joke as they need it to use to communicate with China suppliers.


I hope there will be no more of Google translate translator in Fiverr anymore, I feel like it’s kind of fraud.


Sad news. but if your service is really genuine , I’m sure you will get a lot of buyers from it. good luck

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Do you mean the translator you mentioned gathered his/her positive reviews by working with peers? If so, that is really ridiculous!:unamused:
By the way, it is really nice to meet a peer in the same camp here, if possible and unoffensive, I expect to discuss more about experience here, please contact me with qq:770306130, thanks!