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Scammed by Seller - How to get Full Refund


My name is John, my family and I are going on a cruise later this year, we wanted a tshirt so not being very artistic a friend told me about Fiverr.

I paid two different artist on Fiverr to come up with a design, one was not so good and the other we had a winner.

I submitted the design to customink, they setup the tshirts, I gave the link to my family members, the shirts were paid for and due to be here next week.

Unfortunately I received a call from customink saying I had used copyrighted material, I was shocked as per Fiverr when signing up, you pay sellers to give you a user generated design and it also very clearly states that no copyright material can be used.

With this in mind I skipped a lot of sellers as they had no or very few ratings, I finally want with one seller that had over 5,000 reviews (mostly good).

Needless to say I am in a bad spot, I have all this money tied up with customink, Fiverr says the will only refund me a small portion (which btw is a “credit” not a refund) and the artist in my humble opinion is a POS!

The worst part is the seller admitted that he does not have the right to use the material when I called him out on it! He then bragged about how he has 5,000 reviews and that Fiverr will do nothing to him because of this.

I am beyond disappointed with my service that I have received from Kenn and Jodi in support as of today. I feel like I am being shewed away like a little fly. This iS NOT RIGHT!!!

I would like to Speak to a Fiverr represenative and have given my number in every email that i have communicated with Fiverr support but they refuse to call me.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Buyers must check the work of sellers before using them in order to remain safe from problems. There are many cheaters on freelancing sites who can make a lot of money as they are not traced easily.