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Scammed by seller yesterday

New to Fiverr. Needed a logo done for my new business. Seller actually returned like 6 logos that were exactly what I asked for (content and my business name). They said I needed to accept it to get the logo and the other items like vector logo, etc.

After I accepted it I realized that was a bad idea. Then seller and I start to communicate through chat where they have now disappeared, fiverr says seller is no longer available.

The issue is I have no content and no money. I sent a request through support online earlier today, but have yet to hear anything.

Does this happen often at Fiverr? I actually wasn’t too worried about being scammed, which was my own fault. However, the seller actually presented relevant logos. Is there any chance of me getting my money back to use with another reputable seller?


Hi @phoenixfbo

Sorry this happened to you. If the seller is no longer available, must be that Fiverr banned the account.

I see you got in touch with support, good! Please don’t message them again, just have some patience. They reply within 24 to 48 hours.

Yes, you can get your money back, except the fee. Did you ask for refund? If not, please do it in the same ticket, don’t open a new one.

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I did all of that @maitasun. Thank you for your help. I was just concerned about being out the money. On a different note, I’m kind of bummed because I really liked the logos. What I was most confused about is why go through the hassle of making the logos in the first place? So I suppose it makes sense that they violated rules or whatever for another reason and I just happened to get caught up in it as a buyer.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

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You’re most welcome @phoenixfbo! :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to know you already asked for refund, now you just need to wait a little to hear from support. Fiverr will refund, don’t worry about that.

Yes, most probably you got caught in the middle when the seller got banned by Fiverr. But I’m sure you’ll find another seller for your project! :wink:

I am sorry that this happened to you. Gimmie the one you like the most, I’ll draw it if money is an issue for you.

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If by “accept” you mean you marked an order as complete before you’ve received all the files you paid for, that’s your mistake. It’s not how the site works. Because you technically agreed that you’ve received a complete delivery.

On the other hand, by delivering you the files the seller technically agreed that they’ve sent you a complete delivery (and that’s not true). In any case, I think you have a pretty good chance to receive a refund especially if the person was banned.

To avoid getting scammed, don’t close your orders until you’ve received everything. Let the seller know that you expect the entire list of files to be delivered (no sketches, previews, etc.) and if they insist on delivering bits and pieces, use the “request revision” button to remind them the conditions. Incomplete delivery is a ToS violation.

PS You’re the second person this week complaining about this logo previews/vectors scam and I myself am confused about these people’s evil masterplan. You definitely can’t get rich fast this way and vectors are relatively easy to do/recreate.

Do they stall for 2 weeks pretending they’re just about to send the files while they wait for the money to clear and then run? How many people would actually wait for that long? I have so many questions.


I think some sellers say they’ll send the source file after acceptance because Fiverr has a watermark feature for images to help prevent people cancelling and still using the images (since Fiverr only removes any watermark from images after acceptance) but if if there’s a source file included that can’t get watermarked by Fiverr so buyers could still use it even if they cancelled (though it would be illegal to do so).

Maybe Fiverr could (if they don’t already) automatically only give any source after order acceptance. Though that would prevent the buyer checking the source file to see if it was complete/correct before acceptance.

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It boils down to sellers who have no concept of being good at self employment. Irresponsibility is inborn in some, a way of life, a cultural norm, and it never occurs to them to conduct themselves any other way.

It’s a shame that they cannot grab the opportunity here they are given with both hands and make a success of it.
Maybe the idea of earning $10 or $20 is so new to them that it is simply all they want, never realizing they can keep going with it.
Or maybe they didn’t pay their internet bill, or had to borrow a friend’s computer.

Customer support will give you a refund. I’m sorry you had this bad experience. I assure you most sellers are not like this.

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@phoenixfbo sorry to hear that… if you got in touch with HC, I would suggest to be patient. they are friendly and helpful.

3 years in fiverr. Basically fiverr support sellers even if they try to cheat from the begining.
Last week I ordered Wix code service for 100$. 5 days delivery. Seller started the work only after the deadline.
When I told him it’s not right , he said ok, let’s cancel . obviously I didn’t agree and he committed after 24 hours for delivery… Guess’s what ? 4 days over and he didn’t deliver . He took 1 month off Fiverr.
After 3 days discussions with fiverr rep’ said it’s my personal problem .not willing to help.
My advice ? Checkout other solution. Giver support " platform " criminals. Fiverr actually help those seller run away from their commitment.

Fiverr has a hands-off approach to buyer-seller communication. They require buyers and sellers to work out their own differences. They prefer not to take sides on things that can be worked out between a buyer and a seller.

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I think some sellers say they’ll send the source file after acceptance

This is exactly what happened. The seller said I had to accept it before delivery.

Thank you for the offer. I’m not broke because of this event, I’m just not in the habit of throwing money away.

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Thanks. Agree but that’s what make this platform problematic. In 1 hand they put roles & regulations how to behave in the platform but they don’t protect interest when it’s not convenient for them. All communications are transperant.if they see who’s right why not to solve it ? I am amazed from amount of haters have which I found out during last week.
If they encourage non-fair trade environment jtjeu basically part of the problem . They should at least filter problemetic sellers and buyers . Any way there are other platforms to do the job.

So as a really odd and interesting update, the seller is trying to contact me through one of the websites my business is promoted on saying that Fiverr blocked them and they can’t deliver any of their projects.

Also, Fiverr already refunded my project cost minus the fees, so I’d say to respond in 6-7 hours is pretty good.

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I’m glad you got support got back to you quickly and solve about the refund @phoenixfbo! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you and everyone for their input and assistance.