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SCAMMED :( by *********** seller

I bought a seller’s service in May with great reviews on your site. His account is *********** .
The gig was a developement of a telegram bot.
This person asked me to accept the closing of the job in advance but he cheated me. After many requests of claring attempts he canceled his account and I paid on Fiverr €196.
Since the seller was well reviewed I trusted his service, now I asked for a full refund.
I was about to buy a new service but at this point I stop until you guarantee me a refund.
Hi hope Fiverr will refund me. I’m very sad about my first experience on Fiverr. Other website like fiverr have certified members, also Fiverr should have some kind of certification for sellers.

Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller.

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First of all you’re not following the rules of the forum …

Secondly the account you mentioned is no longer available , it’s possible that the seller got banned for some reason.

Also if you accepted the order well… it’s kinda your fault .


The best thing to do is contact Fiverr customer service by clicking the link below:
and see if you can be refunded if the service was not provided as ordered.

If you look in the Google cache, the seller only had 2 reviews, 1 of which was yours, and no reviews are shown dated before yours. Also it’s best not to accept/complete the order if it hasn’t been fulfilled. Also if ordering from a seller it’s probably best to order a lower priced gig first (or maybe ask to use milestones for orders >=$100) especially if they have very few reviews.

edit: Also Fiverr is in the progress of verifying the ID of all sellers I think.


This is forum, it’s sellers and buyers here, not Customer Support. You’ll need to submit a ticket to Customer Support.

As for certified members, sellers with the Pro label are officially certified.


I am so sorry to hear this happened to you :frowning:

In the future, never approve an order until all that you paid for has been delivered. If a seller already has your money, what’s his motivation for completing the job?

I hope CS helps you!

All the best.

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Help desk is perfect! They refunded me in a minute. :slight_smile:


So you accepted the order and left feedback. Now you have decided you want a refund.

It doesn’t quite work this way.

By accepting the order you have agreed that the order was correct.

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