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Scammed by Top-Sellers?

First off, why is this even allowed? Being a disgruntled low-viewed youtuber for over a year now, I found this site while searching for tips to increase audience for my videos.

I bought 2 gigs from TOP SELLERS who promise to share your content on their heavily trafficked FB/YT/twitter pages to “increase” subscribers, views, and likes and to show your material all around the world. Basically a shoutout.

It turns out these “shoutouts” are nothing but spambots (mostly from germany) who just spamview my channels videos, and thats not at all what they said they were selling. Now my video has all of these stupid spamviews and im out almost 20$ and more concerning, i might lose my channel that ive poured my heart and soul into.

Why is this even allowed? Do people know their buying the chance to ruin everything they worked for?

Anyway i can reverse this stupid mess and get my money back? This is so frustrating.

Can an employee please respond?

Have you contacted CS? Get them on board, let them know what is going on.

contact customer support if you want your money… and ask your seller, i am sure he/she will help you with this…
They are TRS not by conning people you know :smiley:

Unfortunately a majority of the ‘promotion gigs’ on here over promise and under-deliver. It’s literally impossible to get quality/real promo from 5.00-- I mean that’s on them for abusing the system and using bots to make a quick buck, but it’s really an awful thing to do and at the end of the day. Bots are awful on youtube, same with facebook. I got screwed over once doing a facebook ad campaign, and it was literally all bots that liked the page, causing the ACTUAL people that like the page never see a dang thing I ever posted in their feeds.
All i can say is report them to CS and you might be able to get a refund? Best of luck.

I don’t know what the sellers gig promised exactly.
I can tell you that buying viewers is not a smart idea.

If they simply said they will increase traffic then that is what they did for you.

If they said they will send actual, real people and did not then they did not fulfill their promise.
I hope you see what I mean. Pay attention to the exact wording of gigs to see what you will get. They can’t say it in the gig unless they actually do it.

Here is the issue this so called get traffic quick schemes never work, getting true traffic involves marketing and SEO and lots of time. Anyone offering you traffic on fiverr and not doing it the right way can hurt you in the long term so don’t try to take shortcuts hire a professional. I personally believe that alot of traffic gigs on fiverr use bots or other marketing tricks to fool the system. Its not up to fiverr to monitor this its up to the buyer to make good decisions and ask questions and if it is a scam then you can report it to fiverr but fiverr cannot monitor all the gigs as there is too many.