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Scammed on a gig for Facebook likes

I got scammed by a seller on Facebook likes. Advertised for 150 likes, bought the gig, he got me over 200 likes in less than 24 hours. I gave him a great review and promised to buy again. Now, I no longer have those 200+ likes all gone.

I am not able to locate the seller anymore on my account, hope Fiverr can locate him for me and save others from getting scammed.

Happened to me a few months ago…

Never buy ‘Likes’ on Facebook or Twitter followers or anything like that. Same with website visitors. Chances are they’re fake accounts that will give you nothing in return. I’ve read (on this forum and others) countless stories of people being scammed by such gigs. Just chalk it up to a $5 mistake.

its posts like these that makes me happy , not for your loss but because i have been rambling about this for a while on the forums.

Fiverr needs to stop and remove all facebook,twitter,youtube and socialmedia cheating gigs.

Those are against those companies TOS and its a shame nobody else takes a stand on it.

How many people are enought for fiverr to actually do something about this and stop providing buyers with the option of violating other sites TOS by purchasing likes and views?

Whats the excuse fiverr?

Easy cash?

This can get out of hand one day, and it will be bad for fiverr if it continues to allow user to sell these kind of gigs.

Never cheat , why cheat and lie to yourself ? Who gives a crap about how many likes or views you got if they are actually FAKE, YES! Those acc are all FAKE.

“oh but biancha the gig says no fake no bots”.

go google " facebook scripts" youtube increaser scripts " and so on.

If you got scammed its because you deserve it, i know it sounds harsh but what kind of person do you think offers a service where you can cheat and break rules?

A decent person? Someone with ethics?


This is my opinion and this has to stop, no excuses fiverr.

You are breaking TOS/rules from other sites.

For $5 i will create a script that will allow you to care about the customers.

Think about it fiverr, think about it.

<3 Biancha

Reply to @biancha: I agree. I think that Fiverr is shooting themselves in the foot in terms of their own reputation and legitimacy by letting those types of gigs run rampant on their platform. It may be easy cash by attracting people who try to scam the system by buying likes/views (and then, in turn, getting “scammed” themselves), but Fiverr isn’t doing itself any favors in the long run.

Reply to @nickih: agree, maybe one day they will actually do something about it.