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Scammed on Fiverr and support don't contaced me!


about 3 days ago I opened a ticket. I gave an order to program a small program, but got nothing. I immediately opened a ticket and after 3 days the order was marked as completed and the money is now probably with the seller, the scammer.
Unfortunately the support does not contact me for days. I want my money back. I have answered my ticket several times, no reaction, really a pity. Hopefully this will be solved quickly.

best regards


They’re very busy.

Don’t assume CS is scamming you just because it takes them some time to get back to you.

And repeatedly writing to them isn’t going to change the fact that they’re busy and you’re in a triage. You’re just going to annoy them.


If they delivered nothing you could have said “no” to “are you pleased with the order and ready to complete?” and selected “blank delivery” or something. Doing nothing with the order would have made it auto-complete after 3 days.

Sometimes there have also been attachment problems. Maybe you could also have contacted the seller about the delivery.

edit: Also it’s taking up to about 10 days sometimes for Support to reply due to the amount of tickets and number of staff.


I can’t do anything what you said, because Fiverr automatically declared my order as finished within 3 days with no response.

The seller only delivered a tutorial code, not the code I ordered. This is what I called “empty delivery”.

Do Fiverr have a telephone number or something?

But if you had said “no” to “…ready to complete?” or the question in says on delivery you could have put it in revision mode where it wouldn’t have auto-complete. You could do that on a future order if they don’t deliver what was asked for.

No telephone number, just the help desk and email address.

You could also still contact the seller through the Fiverr messaging system and say that they haven’t delivered what was asked for and they might be able to deliver the correct thing through the inbox after writing the code for it.

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I have not clicked on any button. Not even on the button “ready to complete”.
I didn’t want to press any buttons because I was afraid of doing something wrong. At that time the support always refunded money in a few hours if something like that happened, but I never had such a waiting period. Although I have a lot of patience. I also think it’s stupid of Fiverr to automatically close orders after 3 days, then the scammer will surely get the money directly when this is automatically confirmed after 3 days.
What happens to my money now?

I don’t want to get in touch again with that scammer!

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If you haven’t received what you ordered Fiverr support will most likely refund your money once they get to your ticket. That might take up to around 10 days from the time you created the ticket for them to read it.


I’d also like to add to everything said above that seller doesn’t get your money immediately after the order is marked as complete. There is a 14 days clearing period, when your money are safely kept by Fiverr.
I hope this little bit of information will save you some anxiety and make waiting for CS reply less stressful.


Ah ok thank you very much for this information. Very useful for me an others.

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Don’t open a ticket, just report, i guess this kind of scam is listed in the reports section, i don’t know for sure tho, check it out!

In addition to what has been advised:

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.


yes,it’s normal… it’s written in the TOS … why didn’t you request a revision in that time ?


Because I was afraid kicking buttons and make faults. Although I make a ticket directly, but no response from support

I have made a report, too. No results till yet

at the moment it’s not very clear what happened … it will probably be sorted out by support soon


People gave you already valuable advices and opininions. I just want to say that regarding what we are facing with the pandemic situation, there is a remote possibility that something happened to the seller. Don’t worry because CS will contact you as soon as they can and after verifying that there was an empty delivery they will refund your money. Last time I contacted CS they took 10-12 days to answer, but they always do. I hope that you situation can be solved soon. Meanwhile, check Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


I think you should contact the seller, it will be easily resolved, the seller will correct it

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This is no excuse. Sellers and buyers need to familiarise themselves with the way Fiverr works. You need to carry out research before taking action.

It sounds like you allowed the order to auto complete, which happens after 72 hours if the buyer takes no action. You had three days to request a revision or a cancellation.

Instead you chose to approach customer support. If you had taken the trouble to read through the forums then you will have seen that many people are reporting that it’s taking CS around 10 days to respond to complaints at the moment.

So, far from Fiverr allowing a buyer to scam you, your own course of action and lack of research has led you down a path that has complicated the refund process and delayed it.

Sellers and buyers have to take responsibility. It’s no good blaming others.


In the past I am discussing all with CS and everything was finde. I must do nothing. I will wait until CS will respond. Thanks for all replys