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Scammed on Fiverr! How to get refund?

I bought a picture from a woman holding a sign with a message on it. After the transaction was completed I realized that she’d just photoshopped my message onto someone else’s picture. How to complain/get a refund?


contact customer service with the proof.


Well, how was that a scam? I’m asking because, lets say the seller has the right commercial license to the photo. In the gig description did the seller say what exactly you would get?


Please, how can you proof to us that you are the first person that owns that message. Perhaps, the message is already existing and you only just figured it out. Think about copyright…

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Yes. She sold me a picture of her holding a HANDWRITTEN sign. Not a digitally altered picture.

Thank you! I’ve done so.

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Contact fiverr customer support and let them know your experience they will fix your issue
Sorry about the bad experience

Sorry to here that, you can report to CS and they will help you to solve this issue,.


Thank you so much for your prompt response. But I was expecting this feedback:slight_smile:

Wait a minute. Are you sure it’s a scam? Maybe what you bought was a woman at the beach holding a picture with your message. Since it’s unrealistic that she’s going to go to the beach every time she gets an order, she’s using Photoshop to save time.

Did this seller have a live portfolio? Did you see what she did for other people?

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