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Scammed out of $100

I requested a very specific logo modification and facebook banner. This is my first time using Fiverr, I used to use ****** and loved it. I hired a seller. She didn’t communicate at all or respond to any of my requests in the first 24 hours, she came up with a dumb story about a broken computer and requested an extension. I denied the extension, figured that closed the job out because she didn’t deliver on time and I wasn’t going to give her more time. Decided this was a horrible site didn’t log back in until today after I received my Paypal monthly statement and see that they took my $100. Apparently this person decided to still do her ‘own job’ because it’s definitely NOT AT ALL what I requested (adding silver or grey to logo and a facebook banner) INSTEAD she sent a teal blue logo and business cards…wtf? and of course there’s not customer service number so I can’t call anyone and I’m about 5 days too late on their stupid policy. This is a scam. I liked ****** so much, I’m mad this is what I have to deal with. So now I have a modified logo I can’t use and business cards I didn’t want…awful service…first and last time here.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. When your seller delivers you get an email notification. You then have 3 days to request a modification. If you don’t the order is automatically marked as complete after those 3 days.

However there is a 14 day clearing period for Level 1 and Level 2 sellers. So if you are still within the time frame you can contact your seller and tell her that you are not happy with the final product. You can request a cancellation.

You may also reach out to customer support for assistance.

Best of luck.

But why did the seller deliver when i DENIED their request to deliver? I don’t understand the logic…this is very fraudulent.

A seller has to deliver within the time frame listed on the gig. Even if you request a modification a seller can submit a revision. Since you were unresponsive at that time the order was marked as complete. Did you try to reach out to the seller? Let her know that you are not happy with the design.

Read the rules of any site you plan to use before spending money, it’s common sense.
Find out how to use it, what to do when it goes wrong and any other Ts & Cs.
If you are happy with them, go ahead and order - if not, dont.

You only have yourself to blame if you didn’t do the above.
If what you say above is true and the whole story, had you had contacted customer support in time then they would have cancelled the order and refunded you.
This is not a scam or fraudulent, this is a site which acted precisely how it states it will act.
You made the mistake(s) not Fiverr. Don’t call it a scam no matter how frustrating it is to waste money - it was your own fault!

I think it would be sad to leave a good freelance site because you worked with one seller that you didn’t like without understanding how the site works. I mean, I honestly do think it’s your loss and I buy and sell. You could have easily had a bad experience on a competitor site as many people have.

You had all the options at the time the order was still incomplete, but you would have needed to act. When the seller asked for an extension and you said no, the seller apparently delivered something to you which the seller had to do. You had the choice to either click “request modification” or click on the resolution center and ask for a cancellation. If the seller had refused to revise or give you a refund, you could have send the teal business card delivery to Customer Support, showed them what you really asked for, and they would have cancelled it for you and refunded you.

When you didn’t take action, the sale was completed automatically 3 days after delivery. As was mentioned in this thread, you still could have gone to Customer Support after to complain and see what they said. They don’t have a phone number but their ticket system works and there are links to the ticket page in this thread. Good luck.

It looks like OP left Fiverr.