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Scammed out Of $245

My Name is Armarni Peck,

I would like a refund I bought this product three weeks ago and haven’t even been able to use it and I paid $245 I’m extremely irritated I feel like I got scammed
And FIVERR acts as if I don’t exist they will not respond . And as I’m sure you all know unlike any other reputable company they don’t have a phone number to talk these guys . I’m stuck and I fell like I just lost .

Have a great evening,
I hope you don’t have to deal with less food in your kids mouth

Order ID: FO1776B2A143

Customer Support are extremely busy at present and can take more than 10 days to respond.

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Why accepting the order, then?

We’re just sellers and buyers, not Customer Support. There’s nothing we can do with the order ID. Only Customer Support can help you.

EDIT: If it’s the seller you asked for email, you should be aware that communication outside of Fiverr isn’t allowed.


Hope customer support responds to help you

Hope this situation gets resolved from customer service , have a great evening to you aswell.