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SCAMMED - PayPal Disputes

I have had my first experience with a scammer, who filed a PayPal dispute.

The user was completely satisfied with the work I provided and bought $160 worth of gigs to complete a design gig for their college assignment, something like a final assessment. This person even left a positive review for one of the gigs they paid for. We had lots of back and forth conversation, where she sent me more work and asked for me to complete it, though I never did until they bought the gig that paid for the work. For the last work, I accidentally sent the files without the watermark that I always add, and when time came to pay for the gig, they did not answer my message, so I was already at a loss of $40. Never send work if they haven’t paid for it, and all that. But I accepted the deficit, since it was my fault.

Then this happens a month later. They issued a dispute with Paypal, and they got refunded ALL of the $160 worth of the gig. I have sent a ticket to Fiverr customer support but it seems that not much can be done, as I’ve never read a success story when PayPal disputes are concerned.

At the moment, my Fiverr account shows -$160. Do you think this means that any money I make from Fiverr will go towards that debt? At the moment, I see no signs that money was taken from either my paypal or bank account, only the -$160 from my Fiverr account.

Overall, very disappointed. I always try to be optimistic but this makes me lose faith in people.

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That’s really terrible. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I wonder if you can contact PayPal directly regarding the dispute or if that’s not option because it’s between fiverr and Paypal. Not that it makes a big difference but I believe if someone raises a dispute through Paypal they get banned. :-<

Reply to @kjblynx: I know that doing the work when the buyer hasn’t purchased a gig was/is completely dumb of me. I’ve never had anyone reject my work because it wasn’t good enough and never had anyone who didn’t pay for the gig when the time came. I had too much trust in people but it had never backfired on me until this person came along. Lesson learned for myself and others reading this.

And worse, then this same person issues a paypal dispute asking for all of the money back when they were completely satisfied with the purchase and practically begged me to continue the work even after I told them that I did not have time to work and would feel uncomfortable taking money and promising the design before their deadline.

I plan on fighting it through fiverr and paypal. Either way, I already lost what I was going to lose - let’s see how this goes.

Reply to @accessgirl: My last resort will be to raise a dispute through PayPal. To be honest, I have lost faith in Fiverr and losing my account by raising a dispute against the dispute will not be a big deal. I plan to remove my account at this point, anyway.

But I want to make sure I go through all the motions before that, as after I raise a dispute through PayPal, Fiverr will not back me in any way (although in other cases where this has happened, I’ve read that Fiverr doesn’t back up the seller’s who were scammed anyway).

I’ll wait to see what happens, but I just really need to vent. This sort of situation needs to be ADDRESSED BY FIVERR so that it does not happen to the victims.

Reply to @dreamingtruth: I totally agree, there should be a better solution than flying the white flag. We should at least have a chance to plead our case when these things happen. But alas, we don’t and it’s really a shame, especially when losing honest sellers. I wish you the best of luck and hope by some miracle that there is good outcome to all this for you.

p.s. When I mentioned the ban thing, I was referring to the shady buyer, but not much of a consolation.

Reply to @accessgirl: Ah, at first when I clicked on their account it said that for privacy reasons, I could no longer contact them. But now, as you said, their account has been removed completely.

Anyway, thanks for listening (reading?) to me rant.

Reply to @kjblynx: I’ll search into that possibility. I don’t think it would be online because the buyer mentioned that it was for a school assignment, maybe a major final assessment. But at this point, anything is possible.

In my opinion, this is a bigger problem than the ARS. I have 2 questions for the “experts” on the Forum:

  1. As I understand it, if this Scammer-Buyer made purchases from multiple Sellers (example: bought $160 worth of gigs from TWO different Sellers), then lodged a Paypal dispute…

    …Paypal would refund the entire $320, because Paypal only sees ONE vendor: Fiverr.

    Have I got that right?

  2. As I understand it, if this Seller who got scammed and as a result, has a -$160 balance (which yes I know, has been zeroed by Fiverr - thank God), and she decides to simply LEAVE Fiverr…

    …her account will remain at -$160 FOREVER, plus she can “return” and open a completely new account under a different name, and sell (similar) gigs again.

    Have I got that right?


At the very least, Fiverr is granting me the credit to balance my account so in the end, I did not lose money, but this experience has really opened my eyes. Fiverr support also gave me this credit due to my insistence, for anyone wondering. I’m unsure if I will continue using Fiverr - but I do know that if I do, I will never accept more than $10 gigs from a person at a time. It’s just not worth the hassle.

Thanks for everyone who read my post!


Reply to @dreamingtruth: Yeeaaa! I know the whole experience sucked, but at least you didn’t get completely screwed over. Ya!!! It’s nice to see someone getting a semi decent ending. :slight_smile: Good job for sticking to your guns!

Reply to @bachas85: Thanks for clearing up #1.

But your version of #2, contradicts what happened to the OP here…?

Reply to @accessgirl: Thanks! Definitely grateful for the (eventual) support from Fiverr.

Reply to @regency85: I also asked customer service if money was taken directly from my paypal (prior to checking my Fiverr account balance), but they just said that the money was deducted from my account instead since it was already withdrawn a month ago.

They wouldn’t go into detail about anything, sort of a brush off to make me go away, but I kept insisting. The final result was a brusque “one time exception” credit to my account back to $0. I’m grateful but definitely put-off with this experience.

forget about that. i just received a dispute message and $40 was refunded for last two orders by one of the client accounts theboomslang. the person had ordered twice with me and these orders were delivered in sep and oct 2015. this is a good trick. get work done and then get it refunded. we sellers are robbed. :frowning:

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But they will creat new account.

At least Fiverr came through in the end, which is a silver lining. :slight_smile:

Just had this experience and it is making me so stressed out. I know my clients skype account who supposedly disputed his order. Messaged him already and hoping that he can clarify on this. I now have a -$56 balance on my fiverr account. This is really making me feel like all the work I did is for naught.

This thread is from 2014.
Why do you know your clients Skype account?
This happens to all sellers at some point and there is nothing that can be done about it. Sorry this happened to you. It’s happened to most of us who have been here a while.

Just a thought, for future similar inquiries. as the thread has been called back from the dead already. If someone pays someone to do their college assignments for them, or gives you contact info that´s not supported by fiverr’s TOS, would you assume them to be the most honourable person in other things too?

Holy cow , that’s one for the books.