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Scammed !? Please help

I recieved my order from a seller a few days ago. An album cover for my new single. But the source file is blank and the watermarks are still there. My seller won’t reply me, even though she’s been online after i’ve sendt a bunch of messages. I feel i have been scammed ! I paid 70$ for this order… i was expecting more of a proffesional service. I have reported this but not even fiverr costumer service has replied me.

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CS can take 24-48 hours to answer. Your best bet is to wait for them to do so.

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In addition to what was said, if you got something with watermarks it sounds very fishy to me. CS will help straighten it out.

What watermarks were these? The seller’s name? Fiverr’s? Something else?


I am such an idiot, sorry im new to MAC so i didnt know how to download it properly… sorry too my seller, please forgive me. i am actually very saticfied with my order now :smiley:


Please create your own post.

No one here (on forum) can help you. If your account was restricted by fiverr then I don’t think you’ll get it back. Please wait for CS to get back to you.

You have to wait you will get your answer from CS @danielbodin838

Can you contact CS and tell them the order is fine and the issue was on your side? You can get the seller in a serious trouble by reporting them when they did nothing wrong.


I agree with @lenasemenkova - if you implicated the seller for doing something wrong… you need to reach out to CS, and make sure they know it was in fact an error or your part.

You should also apologize to the seller.

Always be slow to report… and make sure you are not making a mistake.


Well, the buyer has apologized to the seller here and left a smiley face so it’s all good now. :slight_smile:

I hope that seller doesn’t get a warning over this.

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All good, as long as the seller hasn’t been effected badly… :wink:

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