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OK, so I found this seller, I dont know where to report him, so I did here.

First thing, why are you not really reviewing your sellers? There should be this option that let the project finished first before paying. The buyers will always lose in here. Not just that, although I know I am new, I know how to read comments and it was OK. I payed, and I get nothing from that. You should filter your sellers. It’s not always an option, you need to work on that. People are paying and so you get something from it, do something about it. I am not mad, I am just telling my experience

You can report him to customer support. Sellers are much less supported by them and you can easily get them to cancel the order if you were really scammed. True that there are some scammers, but there are buyers who pay using stolen accounts or don’t want to pay so they cancel the order after getting their work done.

This isn’t a good venue for reaching out to customer support or to Fiverr in general. The vast majority of forum users are sellers and buyers.

Your best option is to move on. If you don’t like Fiverr, I’m sure you can find another site that will do the work first and allow you to pay later. There are probably tons of them :slight_smile: (sarcasm)