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Hey guys so this is the biggest scammer I have ever met in my life and here is the story. I responded to a buyer request looking for someone to manage a facebook gaming group and got an order. There were no red flags even though the pay was little (before anyone attacks me for taking an underpaid order, not everyone is privileged enough to be picky. I was going through a dry phase). Anyways so the buyer was extremely nice, he’d always thank me for helping him out, would communicate regularly and seemed like an overall good man. We had a team of 8 people then. There were night managers, night moderators, day manager, day moderators, IG moderators and so on. Work was easy at first, I’d just reply to comments and messages on his page and group but then he started giving us harder and more time consuming tasks. He promised to give me a rise the next week anyway so I carried on. These tasks involved listing down other facebook groups, advertising groups and so on. Remind you this was a $10 gig. The next week I realised that he removed a few people from the team and that is when work load got more hectic. He was affiliated with a marketing agency and an IT firm besides his gaming platform so he would give us work related to those too. I’d have to make spreadsheets from all the information compiled before, I’d have to make him an action plan, I had to write him a marketing email prompt, I helped him decide on a scheduling and email listing app, I made him a mail list, I set up a marketing campaign on mailjet and mailed all the people on his lists - all over 3 weeks. He did raise my pay after the first week so I never complained. Over the course of these 3 weeks, I made 3 deliveries, all of which he accepted, gave positive reviews to, even gave me a tip once. Anyways so for the first 2 weeks, he paid the full amount through 3 orders instead of 2 because he would do this thing where he would order my $5 gig with 1 day delivery time without telling me and by the time I’d come back the timer was at T-12 and such. Anyways so after 3 weeks he removed me from my role and blocked me on facebook without paying me for the last week and cancelling his order. It was weird because literally the night before he blocked me he was telling me about how he planned on having me manage the ig for his other agency and what not.
So out of all his orders, I did a stupid mistake with just one where I worded the description wrong and it was a TOS violation (which happened because he ordered a 1 day delivery time gig and he told me “just deliver it now, no problem” and I like a fool used the phrase ‘stop the timer’ in my delivery). That was the first delivered order to be cancelled and it happened 10 days after the actual delivery and literally the same day that he blocked me. I spoke to CS about it but realised that I did indeed violate the TOS unknowingly so I accepted it. CS told me that the buyer himself reported me which felt weird because I did deliver him a week of work and he himself said “just deliver it now no problem”. And I couldn’t understand why he would wait 10 days before reporting me.
Anyways then the rest of the orders got cancelled too and fiverr gave me no explanation behind why they got cancelled and I have sent them multiple messages which they haven’t gotten back to yet. The scammer of a buyer basically got all 3 weeks of work for free because fiverr let him use their loopholes against me. Plus he completely ruined my ratings, used to have a 100% order completion rate, now its below 70. I was very angry and I knocked this other girl who used to work with me on his team. And then the whole thing unfolded. He didn’t just scam me, he scammed her too and another girl as well.I am pretty sure the numbers are higher because there were more people in team who were removed but I can’t remember their names so couldn’t contact any of them. He also had all of us 3 blocked everywhere and we have now decided to expose him and stop him however we can because he is looking for more people through buyer requests as we speak, the same way he found us. I will ask the other girls to comment down below with their stories. BEWARE GUYS, DO NOT RESPOND TO A BUYER REQUEST FROM ********* .

Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller.


It was a horrible experience. I worked with him too. He was asking me to do a lot of tasks, weekly pay is just $10 but he told me he was looking for a long term commitment so I accepted it. He paid me for another week but cancelled it (just for a few minutes) since he told me I can’t do basic tasks. ■■■■ I exerted a lot of effort to his business and he told me i’m on a training phase and he will guide me. I thought he was a good man but I was wrong. He’s very RUDE and unprofessional. He blocked me everywhere. And surprisingly I am not the only one. Now my stats here were affected. He should be reported to save more people here in Fiverr!!!


The least fiverr could do is remove those cancellations from our stats man. We already lost the money, we are losing orders now too :angry:

Not allowed to post the name of buyer.

Looks like buyer did a charge back and their account got banned.

Did CS give you permission to have communication with buyer outside of Fiverr?

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Sorry this happened to you!

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I will remove the name and I am going to answer your question but really why make a girl already going through an ordeal justify herself? Now to answer your question, I cannot manage somebody’s facebook group from fiverr can I? I had others nitpick like you before so I did clarify with CS and in cases so social media management, it’s a given anyway.

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Calm down no one here is nitpicking. I was just asking you a simple question so i can follow up with a thought. I was going to state, maybe the buyer is using sellers like yourself and making them work off-site so they can use that as a form of manipulation. They know you won’t contact CS is you yourself are breaking the rules.

Since you feel the need to have a slight attitude, good luck bouncing back.

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True i have got a fake buyer request yesterday asking to me signup on a different website
Be Alert friends

Ohh very sad :pensive:

Their account is still here.

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I also worked with him and got scammed as well, I am concerned because HE STILL IS LOOKING FOR MORE STAFF and when we worked together we were about 8 VAs attending his Groups, I am afraid that they were scammed as well.

It’s unfair for VAs this situations, his account should be closed! There could be more victims and when we are trying to report this, he is just reporting our accounts and Fiverr does nothing :rage:

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Did you check his previous orders with other sellers and what was the rating of him.
try to work with those who had worked with other sellers.

All his cancellations went forward. CS found them to be incomplete and there is no way to prove that it was because social media management isn’t tangible so deliveries are usually screenshots of comments you replied to or a report on the accounts and what not.

CS gave me my funds back, I love fiverr!


I just got message from this i guess i will not accept his offer☹️… thank u guys . This is a big help

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