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Scammer almost got me banned.

Hi! Newby here. I created my gig 2 days ago and wanted to share my experience so far and maybe get some pro tips.
Created my gig for WordPress websites. Saw that the competition in the section is huge and really put a lot of effort in creating the description and image (I think mine is one of the best ones there :sweat_smile:) and of course putting it up for fairly cheap, competitive prices until I get at least some level.
I’ve read that it can be a hustle to get an order as a newbie, but for my surprise got a message later that evening. I started to chat immediately but soon found out that the messenger was not interested in my Gig. Actually he apparently had some problems creating an account on some other freelance platform and wanted me to do it. Oh and by the way, he will also need to use my computer through TeamViewer because he needs to work from the same IP or something :rofl:. Well, that wasn’t legit so I guess I’ll just keep waiting.
And to my surprise, I got another message today. This messenger sounded more legit like he wanted to make an actual deal. But sadly this also wasn’t for my Gig. He offered me $150 a month for “really easy work”. I was a bit sketched out after the first guy but wanted to hear their offer. After I asked what the project is about they aked me if I have discord or hangouts. This was the time to stop my curiosity, but I did not. I wanted to know what their ridiculous would be and not knowing about Fiverr’s auto-detect on keywords like “Does Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp work for you?” our communication was suspended and my message was being reviewed.
I messed up. I knowingly violated Fiverrs ToS.
I’m sorry I just wanted to pursue the supposed scammers deal and thought that if he shared their details I would be safe. That’s what I wrote to support immediately. Great thanks to the understanding support that lifted the warning I later got. Also, I’m surprised by how I got a response to the ticket. It was maybe an hour, right after I received the warning email.

P.S. Sorry about the clickbait just wanted to share and warn, no need to collect warning for nothing.
P.S. What do you think about my Gig? Any spelling mistakes there ?


You should change your title to:

“I will most certainly get banned at some point, unless I read the ToS and stop breaking them. Since you are here, please check out my gig.”

Oh and you should move it under “improve my gig”.


Funny :joy:

My idea is to change it from “Scammer almost got me banned” to “I got almost banned myself messaging scammer”


Or to “Props and thanks to support, you guys are real and no bots after all, and even discerning!”

You were really lucky there, they wouldn’t have had to lift the warning, as you still, even knowingly, violated the terms, if for a “non-nefarious” reason.

And as it might depend on the support person one deals with and on how clear one’s communication is, this should still be a warning to anyone reading this, do not contact scammers, even if just to find out more or make fun of them, or whatever. Just report them and move on, if you do get a warning, your next faux pas could be the end of your account then, depending.

Glad to hear you’re not having a warning hovering over your account already, and hope, there’ll be an actual order coming your way soon.

And Frank is right, if you want help with your gig, post in “Improve my gig”, you can even add a link in that category (gig links/ads only allowed there and in “My Fiverr Gigs”) , so anyone who might want to help, won’t have to spend additional time searching your gig via your username.

And welcome to the forum!


Don’t worry. Think about this logically. The "can I use your computer" scam has been running for over a year on Fiverr. I don’t see the perpetrators worrying about getting banned, do you?

In this case, just do what they do if Fiverr gives you the boot, and create hundreds of new accounts. Just beware that this only works on Fiverr. Try doing this on Upwork and you will need to create a new account from a remote PC–apparently. :roll_eyes:

Obviously, I’m being sarcastic. However, it is more than a bit :poop: how new Fiverr users these days have to run an ever longer spam and scam gauntlet.

From now on, reply with "non, merci" to these messages and report them as spam. Also, be aware that ultra-low prices are a magnet for these people and a stink bomb for any decent buyer you might actually have a pleasant experience working with. In this case, you may want to rethink your pricing strategy.

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I’m actually disappointed that they did. Nothing personal OP, but you did violated the terms and the warning was issued rightfully so, so it really shouldn’t be lifted.

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As for the gig, In the first paragraph:

It’s not clear whether is a “I” or “we” situation and it make it looks like you just copy description from different sources.

Don’t, just don’t. No one should ever offer money back guarantee for services.

Premium plugins as well? I could request a cancellation under the grounds I want a premium plugin priced #199, and you didn’t provided when you gig clearly states that you would.

If you can work with both WordPress and Shopify I’d create a different gig for that. I wouldn’t know if I haven’t read up until the very end of your gig.

Also, what does a “price we both feel comfortable with” means? Your price is your price, I wouldn’t hire you based on that sentence alone. If I’m comfortable paying more would I get a higher quote?

Other than that, good luck!


Cheers mate! Thank you!

We as in my and my client working together to create. But I see where the confusion comes from. Definitely did not copy. I just read a lot of descriptions, took the main points I should talk about and wrote my own.

I just saw other people saying that, but definitely don’t want to give back money if time was put in.

Damn I did say that premium plugins would be an extra cost in my draft document but took it out to fit in the character limit. Will have to add it back.

I will create another Gig for Shopify. And that price thing was put in there so people would come at me with offers that maybe aren’t covered in the Gig but I will have to fix that if you say it could “scare” someone away.

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“Need something that’s not covered in the gig? Message me for a custom offer!”

Or something like that.

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Thanks mate. Better wording was what I was looking for. As a programmer (I think a lot of us can relate) we are not good with with words and stuff.

Also an Update: 3rd day with 3rd scammer messaging me. Tried different approach: Asked him what his offer was because “I couldn’t access his google doc”. I was later informed I cannot contact this guy no longer." Does this mean he was banned?

Most likely, yes.

They send messages to a lot of people, and once a few of them report them, they quickly get banned.