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Scammer as buyer ! please help

I was working with this ************guy, He buyed from me 3 days earlier 25 logo tracing for $30, and I worked non stop for 18 hours and delivered on time ie deadline was 24 hours. When i delieved he as online and through out this 3 days period he was online and now when its time to mark order complete and pay, he is provoking me to cancel order by pointing my skills and the work I have done. If i cancel the order he already have files so he would be happy, if I dont cancel this guy he would never stop. What shall I do ? his profile is this :


I believe this a a kind of fraud policy followed by many people in fiverr to get work and not to pay. Please help me guys…

Mod Note: user name removed.

First of all you will have to remove his country and link to his profile, it’s against forum rules.

Secondly, never agree to cancel when you did all work. Tell him that you delivered everything according to your gig description and his requirements and with fiverr TOS he can not request cancellation based on a quality of work. However you should tell him that he still can request a revision if he want to fix some things.
After that contact support and explain the situations most likely they will say that you need to resolve it with your client but at least they wouldn’t cancel your order right away if he will contact them.

And lastly: it all looks fishy. Why would you even agree to trace so many logos? That means that he stole those logos from the internet to trace and resell them. And you helped him in his fraudulent actions.


Well, your gig description says " For your satisfaction, if the vector graphics didn’t meet your needs i refund your money." The buyer can easily tell Customer Support that your work didn’t meet his needs (since that is subjective), and cancel the order that way.

It would be better if you removed that line from your gig description, since it’s likely to attract scammers.