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Scammer in the market

I ordered a gig from *****. He claims he will double your bitcoins on his ad so i tried it with $5. He sent me $3. He said he was tired and will complete the balance the next day. The next day he said i should order again and he will send me double the amount in btc. So i ordered a for $10 which in return i should be getting back $17 total according to his gig. The second time he sent me $12 in btc. The first order he owed a balance of $7 and the second order he owed a balance of $8. He kept saying on the next order he will complete it. He basically instead of wasting my time with him i told him about himself. He just kept telling me to order more.
This post is just a warning to stay away from this users gig about btc. Maybe he might come threw on whatever other gig he has but this was my experience with his btc doubling gig. By-the-way, i noticed he deleted the gig for doubling btc. If you look i left two reviews but only one is showing and thats because he deleted the gig.

You honestly think somebody will double your cash for $5.00?


(no offence)

Hold the press–there’s a scammer on Fiverr!!!

LMAO this is a classic money flip scam, surprised Fiverr hasn’t banned this fool already!

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me… I can’t believe you ordered the gig, twice. At least he didn’t try to sell you London bridge.

Seriously? A guy told you he could double your Bitcoins and you didn’t stop to ask yourself, “If he knows how to double money for nothing, why is he working for peanuts on Fiverr?”

LMAO, pure gold! :stuck_out_tongue:

In fairness, ppl do get scammed but usually if it’s too good to be true you should always double check and do some research, I’d start with common and well known scams or subscribe to a scam alert/watch site/social media page, I’d list a few but I don’t want to be done for spam, so use Google and you’ll be fine! :slight_smile:

I don’t know a lot about Bitcoin, but it’s a digital currency, right? Isn’t it kind of like trying to turn a $5 into a $10?

If the person did actually double your Bitcoin, what they give you would most likely be illegitimately obtained.

You can convert other currency into Bitcoin, but at the current conversion rate. I don’t think you can somehow get more Bitcoin than what you converted it from, unless the conversion rates change to your advantage afterwards. You can potentially make money that way (by trying to guess which way the rates will go and converting between currencies at the right time), but that’s an investment strategy and can’t just be done at any time (nor without risk).

It’s a novel way of running a pyramid scheme, though. That’s probably why the Gig disappeared - too many existing orders and not enough new ones.

It’s just a common money flip scam, they’re a dime a dozen, same principle involved! :slight_smile:

Give me $100, I will give you $300 …

Precisely, only thing is, you NEVER get that $300 do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait what, I can’t believe I have only just seen this lool

No, But next time I promise if you pay me another $100, I will make it $300 :smiley: :smiley: