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Scammer keeps spamming my inbox

I joined Fiverr 3 days ago and there is this guy that message me everyday, trying to offer me a “long-term business”. He is sending me a message to communicate on other platform and a file that covers his request. What he’s basically asking for is remote access to my computer for couple hundreds of dollars every month. It’s no doubt that this guy is a scammer, but when I report him he come back with other account and keep spamming same stuff. It’s really irritating me because im waiting for my first order and you know… :laughing:

Like some of these? Nothing much you can do but keep reporting the spam.

Yep, exactly the “Im looking for long-term relationship” one

That’s a known scam, and unfortunately for you, they mostly target new sellers.

Just say no and report and block them whenever they do that.