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Recently I Noticed there are Many Scammers On That Always Want To Collect Your Service Free. No Matter how hard You Tried to Satisfy Them They will Want Refund. Imagine Giving someone A Complete Video And Pdf Training Written By top Noch Marketers like fragglesrock And fragglesrock who Makes lots of Money On Click bank. These are training that Cost Me $370 and sell it For Him At $5. I Deliver Within 2hours of Purchase. Yet he Want a Refund becos am Not The One that Wrote the report and Videor. What Can You all Say on This. He left bad Feedback.

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Reply to @arnevb: Totally agree :slight_smile:

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Your gig title reads "I will show you access to my 350 dollars per day CLICKBANKMONEY making programme"

The key here is "MY…programme"

Buyers may interpret this as your own personal programme, your strategies, your training videos etc.

You might want to include “training by top notch marketers bla bla bla…” in your description, so that buyers won’t confuse, and are aware about what they’ll be getting…

Reply to @madmoo: and @Grandma, thanks very much for your corrections and replies. I have permission to resell them i bought them all mostly from wso offer and bought the oto and reseller rights. On my reply to his feedback i think i was very annoyed that very day that was why because i spent about 2hours trying to satisfy this buyer throwing many bonuses to him. I sent him up to 5 videos and like 7 pdf. So that makes me mad at him. Like what else those he want. Those packages Deliver what they promise. Not the hype ebooks. What if i wrote the ebook and it doesnt deliver as i promise it would? Would he give me a thump up. That why i got mad at him.

On my caps letter i will change all of them. Thanks

I think most of us have been frustrated with a buyer. The important thing is learning how to make every buyer happy and fulfil their needs. Are you able to contact the buyer still and remove your reply to the feedback? This will help a lot.

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Reply to @mintyone: thanks sir i will remove the reply as soon as possible.

I’m working on a ‘‘shitlist’’ that is going to be added on fragglesrock …if anyone has something to share ( along with proof ,you can use the contact form from the site and I’ll publish it )

Oh yea…it happens to me all the time by unscrupulous buyers.

Wow. I must admit, your response will turn off future buyers. I’ve seen bad responses from sellers before, but yours maybe the worst yet. I would definitely remove that asap if I was you. I would be clear about who wrote the information, and add the fact that you have resell rights. When you deliver work, ask buyers to contact you via private message if they have any questions, but if they are happy with the work, please leave a “positive” review. If the buyer expressed unhappiness prior to the feedback, then its in your best interest to make the satisfied, if you feel like they’re still going to leave a bad review, just ask for a mutual cancellation. The beauty of your gig is, you’re not actually wasting hard physical work like a lot of other sellers. Your gig only consist of you clicking a button and sending files, so if you have to suffer a loss of sale, so be it. Its better to do so to maintain a high feedback rating.

oldbittygrandma said: You mean you are selling someone elses work for $ that YOU bought for $370? Do you have permission to resell the work?

That's what she was saying OBG. She paid for the rights....
musiclover said: Your gig only consist of you clicking a button and sending files, so if you have to suffer a loss of sale, so be it. Its better to do so to maintain a high feedback rating.
The problem is when do you stop? When do you make money? It becomes self perpetuating. It becomes like the battered wife syndrome. The more you give in, the more you keep giving in, when do you say "ENOUGH!!!!!"?

WHOA saw her the OP response the negative FB, that was brutal and yeah take the advise from above an remove it… it may sting but your response will sting bigger in the long run

When I made my previous comments, I had not looked at the gig itself and only went by the comment made here, but since so many have said what a bad response was made by the OP, I had to take a look. Here is my observation, and this applies to anyone, not just you.

The feedback was bad, granted, but when responding to negative feedback it is better to cool down and think about how others will see your comments. It is a knee jerk reaction to just fly off the handle and start screaming back at that person, but will it help or hurt you is what you must ask.

Was the person a scammer trying to rip you off? Possible, but you make yourself look worse in the long run. Considering that you only have 2 comments, that one really hurts you.

Reply to @beatcraigslist: Everyone handles things differently. Its all about how you choose to run your business and how you choose to handle each situation. What may work for me, maybe not work for others. Everyone have different approaches and interact with buyers in different ways.

We, the sellers need more protection from this increasing surge of dodgy trolls wandering the pages of Fiverr!! Don’t think Fiverr is listening though… Shame

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There should be some way to create a network in which we can communicate between sellers the usernames of known scammers.

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