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Scammer profile?

I noticed a thing in buyer requests … Often many profiles request services that they offer themselves (for example: I happened to see flyer design asking for flyer graphics …). Browsing the internet I discovered that some profiles offer their customers services they have no expertise in and that they therefore buy from others at a very low price, thus infringing copyright.
Is it a scam? Is it fair to the real graphic designer who is not recognized for his work?:confused:


Hi, If this is happening, it is undermining Fiverr, and pulling the site down! I use Shutterstock images, I have to pay for the images, they are bought! If I sell them, I am the one with the license. If someone buys them and then resells them, they can be infringing copyright laws. Other problems, my images are allowed only for the purposes of selling in a course. In other words, they cannot be sold individually. This course is for only online use, not on actual paper. There are many laws and these sellers need to be reported.


Yes, I really agree with you

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