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Scammer seller!

Hello. In 13/7 i purchased gig from seller *******. She should have finished two days ago. I was very patient with her (or him - i dont sure any more) but she keeps to making excuses like “my Facebook blocked” or “i was all day in the bank” or whatever. So i waiting more but she keeps laying so i open disput but now she dont even responding. Be aware from this seller! I have photos of all our conversations in fiverr chat and also in telegram. After 9 days i ask her to proofs me her work so she sent me Facebook page of my store that actually ampty. She ask 5 hours to finish but still do nothing!
I saw that there is way to create fake feedbacks so i dont be surprised if she doing that. the quastion is, if she decline my dispute, will fiverr refund me? (The seller still doesn’t deliver my order)
Also, you can see her last 2 customer:

Mod Note: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs


First, sorry for you to have this experience.
Second, you are not allow to call out any of the seller or buyer name here, please remove

Since like both of you have break the TOS, communicating outside of Fiverr, that will get both of you ban if Fiverr look into the chat. Good luck …


So scam is allowed? This seller lying and scam buyers and the “rules” of this forum doesn’t allow to Warn buyers? This is ridiculous…

Why are you communicating with a seller via Telegram? You’re aware you’re now in breach of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and could lose your account, especially if you’ve included those screenshots in your messages to Fiverr CS.


Communicating outside Fiverr is a violation of TOS. Both of your accounts may get banned. You should have used only Fiverr’s messaging system.

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I do understand your frustration when you don’t receive delivery within the deadline. Please contact Fiverr support. I hope they will solve your issue soon. Don’t panic and have patience.

Yes, I connected them already

Because she ask me if i can pay with bitcoin or paypal. I had no idea it was violation of TOS. I dont care if fiverr will ban me As long as they ban this scammer to.

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She will be probably banned as well.

So did you buy the service through fiverr at the end?


That’s because otherwise anyone could be accused of anything, and they’re not here to defend themselves. If you have a problem with someone, the proper thing to do is to contact Customer Support about it, and let them deal with it.


A seller can’t ask for payment outside fiverr. She will probably get banned.

Yes of course. I open dispute and she don’t respond

I wish. But iam almost sure that this is not the first time she do that.

As you have opened dispute Fiverr support will investigate and take necessary action.

I understood but what will happen if the seller wont refund me?

If the seller don’t issue you refund than after necessary investigation fiverr will cancel your order and funds will be returned to you.

You deduce scamming is allowed because someone told you you can’t use the forum to shame people? It’s also really unfair and illogical to characterize someone who is sharing the forum ToS with you as someone who doesn’t care about your issue. You have no reason to think that and that was just plain rude.

Being illogical isn’t going to help your case, especially if you present your argument to CS this way.


I shouldn’t have to explain to you why it’s wrong to use the forum to name someone to try to defame them.

And no, that doesn’t become okay just because Fiverr has issues. You don’t get a free pass to break the terms of the forum and then be rude to people when they’ve asked you not to do that.

If this is how you deal with CS, they aren’t going to consider your complaint.


Your seller can’t steal money because all payments are handled by fiverr and seller doesn’t get money only until 14 days AFTER the order is marked completed.

As to your situation: if you requested a cancellation through resolution center you already can see a green line on top on your order page that says that if seller would reply then your order will be cancelled in 2 days.
If your seller will decline cancellation then you can always contact support and ask them to cancel.

Third, if your seller didn’t make any “delivery” and click is still ticking then in 48 hours after the order is late you’ll get an option to automatically cancel the order from your side.

You see, you have quite a lot of protection for your money. The only thing you’ll be loosing is time.

And please never communicate outside of fiverr because it’s not only breaking rules and might get your account banned but also fiverr wouldn’t be able to protect you in this case.