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Scammer & this is unfair for seller

on august 5th i received an order from a buyer ********.
and the duration is 3 days. i submitted 2 designs to the buyer on 8th.
and he said >> My team-mates are reviewing. Will get back to you soon. <<
on 10th he cancelled my order and he left me a 1 star rating >> Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

this is totally waste of my times & unfair for fiverr seller. was reported this case to fiverr. hope fiverr support can help me.

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You should have delivered the file before it was ‘late’, even if the buyer was dragging his feet. This is, I’m afraid, mainly your mistake. If you had delivered, the buyer would not have been able to cancel so easily.

Can we stop using the word scammer for every little thing that goes wrong here? You need to accept some responsibility for your own actions as well…

He didn’t “scam” you. The system automatically canceled the order since you were very late.

The buyer did nothing wrong.

The site gave you several warnings that you needed to deliver the order. Why didn’t you pay attention to them and deliver the order on time? Surely you know about this?

He said the order was placed on the 5th of August and he delivered on the 8th, that was on the third day. The OP was certainly not late. (obviously it can’t be 10 days later from August 5th since this was posted on the 10th)

OP didn’t use the delivery button, which is why the buyer was able to cancel using the “very late” thingy.

He had a screenshot before which showed it was very late and canceled for that reason.

SO basically he fudged the timeline in his OP? Yikes.

You should deliver the gigs and if you’ll not deliver after some days it will automatically become cancelled and you’ll get 1 star :frowning: