Scammer using multiple accounts


So many posts from the forum about chargebacks recently and I was the victim of it for the first time recently, and in a big way! The 9 chargeback fiasco has now turned into 14 cancellations total. 5 new ones include 1 from an additional chargeback, 1 cancelled by Fiverr because they discovered it was the same user, and 3 because I discovered the user was the same user, got proof, and put a stop to the orders before they even started. The first 9 were under one name, an additional 4 were under different one, the last one was under a different one as well and it was connected to another account that he accidentally messaged me from to reach a total of 5 different accounts from the same scammer. And every single time i knew it was him. Because he’s very obvious. He’s not smart, and his mannerisms, orders, questions, comments, and quirks are all the same every single time he comes back. He’s currently back now under a new name. And I cant do anything. Because I have no solid proof yet and neither does Fiverr. It’s overall frustrating.

Also note: He somehow is able to change his locations on some of the accounts. But isn’t smart enough to conceal his own identity. Crazy.


This is just sad, you put so much effort into some thing and some one just steal it like this.
He probably think he is smart but don’t think like if i am smart why am i scamming people for money i should have money.
Wish you luck, and hiding IP is very easy so the guy is stupid as he can’t conceal his identity.


Thanks, it is sad but I knew what to expect when I started this. I’m planning on raising my prices til he takes the hint. Thanks


Well I’ve never contacted him outside of Fiverr but he has sent me links to all his social media which is why I knew it was him the last 3 times. Again, not smart :joy:


no what i am saying you can track your work as well, and get it back. As he cancel the project so you have proof he got no right to have that work with him.

If i am not clear – Their are ways to track your work (it depends on the work) it is little comlicated but possible take time
It depends but it feels good after punching a sucker in guts.


Ohhh yeah the social media I was referring to is soundcloud and youtube where he posts the songs I’ve written for him. I got one taken down then left the other ones because Fiverr compensated me for them. Less headache for all of us.


I’m so sorry that this has happened to you but I am also pleased that I am not the only one who has this happen. (Though not to this extent.)

First off, what is this buyer ordering? Is there any way to use their brief to identify where whatever is being ordered will be used?

If the answer to the above is yes, the scammer will be a reseller passing your work off as their own for a premium. What you can do in this case, is contact the end client and notify them of the situation. They will likely then be enraged and cut of dealings with the scammer. - The end result being them placing no more orders.

I haven’t done this in such a direct way. In this case, if you do this make sure to clear it with CS first, but be affirmative. Tell them this your business and this is what you are doing to stop it being ruined since they are unable to do anything.

If you don’t know where or how the work being requested is being used, entrap the buyer. Like you say, scammers like this are dumb. Play dumb yourself and say something gushing like:


Thank you so much for your order! I believe in 100% satisfaction and I’m about to start on this right now! I just need…

Another thing you can do is raise all your prices to above $50. (Temporarily). You might have to take the hit with a few missed orders from genuine clients. However, keep them up long enough and your scammer will likely feel less inclined to put as much cash on the line. As well as this, you can also pause gigs immediately after receiving a message. Then when the scammer messages tp say they can’t order, tell them everything is fine on your end but because of a security issue, some buyer accounts are being blocked by Fiverr.

If you do the above, this buyer will be forced to keep on creating more and more accounts, each of which will eventually grow a bit irksome. (This and increase the chances of Fiverr picking up fraudulent activity).

Other than the above, all you can do is cancel all suspicious orders as soon as they are placed. I’ve done this twice over the past 2-days for the same reason as you. - 100% sure its the same buyer who last canceled an order after delivery, they rush in and order a service without discussion and communicate identically.

Whatever you do, good luck!

Also, as a note to Fiverr: Do you see the massive inherent flaws in the St Levels system yet???

Edit: Seeing that you know where this content is being used, think about sharing a link on your own social media channels and freelance forums on places like Reddit. Explain the situation and cause your scammer social media Armageddon by encouraging your own followers to review your scammer as they see fit.


oh so you are satisfied, than that’s fine As it happened to one of my client some body stole his content and put it on his own website as audio (it was video but he just used audio). We tracked him down and got his card block as well. Because we also find out he is the same person who order food and cancel payment after eating it.


This is the type of genius I come to the forum for :joy: I know from past threads you’re no stranger to scammers so your reply has helped a lot. It’s not a reseller, he actually uploads the work as himself, he just doesn’t want to pay. Like he got caught abusing he referral program which gives you money for referring other people which actually just turned out to be him with multiple accounts. It’s really just a case of “I won’t pay by any means necessary”.


Yet another “I won’t pay by any means necessary” person. Thats truly sad.


I really don’t understand how people can be so stupid. I’d mop the floor with this one in an hour. That said, being so amateur can be a sign that you are dealing with a child or a basement dweller. In this case, you could always try a quick:

**"Hi, **

I’m sorry but this has gone too far now. I’ve been forced to get some help tracking your IP and now might be a good time for you to let your mum know there will be a knock at the door later."

  • Works for both teenagers and basement dwellers :slight_smile:


I don’t wanna be on on you thread but it is funny story let me tell you in very short.

Most of these kinds are dumb, after tracking his website, we also got his personal details from godaddy, as he used same phone number and address to register the website.
So we told police that he also order food last weak we are sure about it and their is reason and when police asked him did you do i?. you know what he told i am sorry but i only did twice with them (We only knew about one) than police asked what do mean by them?? It turns out he did with others as well using different card.

We were like laughing like what the hell really??

So i kinda taking credit that we got his card blocked but in all honesty credit goes to him not to us lol.


Hehe I learned this trick dealing with obnoxious online gaming dweebs. (typically children or basement dwellers). I can confirm that it works :+1:


Lol no I’m glad to hear these stories. Especially when it’s a happy ending :joy:

And wow! You really did the grunt work. This was all on fiverr or in general?


no it is personal client in london and i have personal relationship with him as well. If you are in london try his food it is really really nice.

and i am new on fiverr with zero order i am trying my luck with buyer request no luck so far.
But i will keep on trying as i know first 20 will be tough.
and I checked your profile you are doing quite good wish you luck for more and hope fully you will not meet " teenagers and basement dwellers :slight_smile: " quote from @cyaxrex i like it i am keeping it for future responses to people


Keep at it! It take some time to get your first order but it’ll happen! Thanks again


I’m so sorry that this has happened to you. It’s too bad there is little to be done about scammers because they are able to change their information and there is often a whole group doing it. It’s really getting out of hand.


Really? Group scamming thats insane