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Scammers as buyers want to test your ability?

Hello sellers I wish a good day for you all, this topic related to the scammers in the form of buyers, who will search new sellers gigs and will send them message to do no pay work before placing an order, because they want to test your ability and if they pass you then you will have more work from them, this is totally insane. If a seller following all term of Fiverr then buyer also should follow and place an order to seller if the job is small or complicated does not matter. I will suggest all sellers do not work without placing an order. You will get scam and waste your time.

Wishing best for you all




I’ll watch out for people like this


Thank you for saying this!

I’ve found that these scammers act like they are doing you a favor by giving you an opportunity. No, you’re just trying to get free work…


Absolutely! Keep your eyes out, people will try to cheat you of money if you aren’t careful


yes,you are absolutely right .I agree with you


Don’t be fooled into doing free work based on promises it will pay off for you in the end.

Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again :wink:


They use to peoples to do job with out money, some one send to me some data to fill, lets say 10 entries to check me, i sent to him test after he replied your work is correct but you are late i will let you know later, he is himself a freelancer, in my opinion he use to send partaly data to do to peoples to get his job done.


Thanks for your post. I have faced with these type buyer a several times. I just told them “You have to place order at first then I do”


Buyers can do test of your ability, your skills, or your worth. But Buyers have to pay Sellers.

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Thank you everyone for considering.

Yeah, I have found this frustrating sometimes too
Thanks for the tip

I talked my good friend into joining fiverr recently. He left in a month without making a sale because he was scandalized by the number of scammers and fishy offers going his way.

It’s either it’s gotten worse since I’ve joined or maybe it’s more prevalent in certain categories?

Either way, good for you. I like the way you approach this. A potential buyer who wants free “test” work will NEVER make a purchase. They will tell you how they were fooled before, how they are not sure that you are that special person they want to entrust with their $5 project, how it is your job and holy duty to woo them befre they pay, etc., etc. Don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

That being said, a potential buyer wanted a free sketch from me last week to make sure he’s not “wasting time” with me. And I’m here for 4 years.


Good tip. What if you are being asked to accept work outside of fiverr and the signing of non disclosure agreements with buyers? Any good advise on this please?

@aamd77 Its against Fiverr rules and regulations, You can’t accept work outside the Fiverr You account will be disable and you will not able to make any new account on Fiverr. If someone ask you to work outside the Fiverr you must report him. And let the Fiverr team know about the buyer.

OK, thank you. But signing a non-disclosure agreement is ok?

Yeah its okay but proceed order on Fiverr.

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Thanks for your valuable post.

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Thanks for the advice

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Cheers for tipping us off! I’ve just put my first Gig up and I’m imagine it does get tempting to take the ‘opportunity’ if you get no requests for a time.

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If you want, you could have some “fun” with these scammers, as olie01 did: :wink:

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