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Scammers, Cheaters, and Lying Liars Love Writing Gigs

Is it just me, or does no one create their own written content anymore? Not that I mind writing something original for people, but what they want me to re-write is work that is not their own (plagiarism) that will sort of pass Copyscape. Even better are the ones who want me to write fake reviews for their crappy “non-fiction” books, e-cigs, and adult toys. FML, I don’t need money that bad. How about all of the students that want me to do their homework for them? It seems like this is where Fiverr is making the majority of their money–scammers, cheaters, and liars.

Surely there should be some quality controls for buyers, not just sellers? I have to be on the up and up, why aren’t buyers screened?

I agree. I have a pretty high-tolerance for BS but there are some things that I just won’t do. Homework and fake reviews are among them.

I hear ya. I had an editing gig up for two years. I can’t count how many people asked me to fix all the errors in their homework. This was especially bad with people whose first language is not English. I even had a couple just straight-up tell me that their teacher/professor told them they needed improvement on this or that aspect of their writing, or that the teacher/professor asked them to work on something or other regarding their spelling and grammar.

So they’re going to ask me to fix it for them? Really? I would always respond by telling them that their teacher told them that so THEY could work on it. I wasn’t selling a tutoring service. My service was aimed at buyers needing editing on things like articles and books and things like that. You know, part of that editing process before final publication. NOT HOMEWORK.

I had one person say, “Well, thanks a lot. That doesn’t help me at all.” That was one I had to cancel before they got rid of the thing where mutual cancellation counted against the seller. So that was another mark against me that could have been avoided if the buyer had contacted me FIRST.

People can be so lazy. And demanding. And…well, you get the point.

I put a note in my gig description that I’m not available to write homework, reviews or questionable content. That cut down a lot on the fishy stuff. I also have a note at the top telling buyers to contact me first to make sure I’m 1) available and 2) a good fit for the assignment, which gives me a chance to decline anything I don’t feel comfortable writing.

I also lowered my per gig word count to 100. That also seems to have done a pretty great job of weeding out the predatory bargain-hunting bottom feeders and attracting quality buyers who want and are willing to pay for quality writing. Every now and then I get someone who tries to haggle me down, but I stick to my guns and I’m still doing pretty good business here and overall I’m happy with my clientele and the work I do for them.

Reply to @goodgift: When I first put up my editing gig, I was getting serious authors sending me good writing that was a joy to edit. But lately it’s been kids sending me their homework where the writing is so bad I just want to put my head down and cry for the state of our youth. I’m trying to figure out a good way to combat that. I tried adding a note to the description asking people to send me the first 500 words for evaluation before ordering, but that seems to have killed sales.

Reply to @jmbauhaus: Yeah, I put this in big, bold letters on my gig page:


I had it very nice terms for a while, but putting it out there like that helped stem the bad tide.

I started out with a large word count but worked my way down as I got more orders and positive feedback. I landed quite a few loyal, returning buyers that way. And I got to read some good quality stuff! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this will change anything, but another suggestion to put in the gig description: “I will edit original work written by you” or “I don’t edit work that doesn’t pass Copyscape” or something like that.

By the way, thank you to all of you who are taking a stand against homework cheaters and plagiarists! I sincerely meant that. I’m a reader. And I’m a professional nurse. I love and appreciate words, and I’m frankly worried that doctors (any professional, really) will cheat their way through school and be out there, working.

Reply to @celticmoon: Ugh, no kidding. A few weeks ago I had some college student in France message me asking if I’d take his essay test for him, with a sob story about how he was overworked and didn’t have time to study and prepare. I responded with a resounding NO.