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Scammers Giving Warning to Refund order

Hello Everyone

Two Days ago I Got a order from a Buyer, He said me to remove malware from my 3 websites. I start the order for a price of 55$.

I worked on this order and delivered only in 1 day.

Now the buyer said that refund my money or I will give bad ratings and feedback about you.

I have totally scanned the website and removed infected files.

Now all of you tell me one thing, If you remove the Maine file that is infected, Then your website work like it was before

I noticed one of the concerns of the buyer was “he marked the job as complete even though he didn’t finish the job so he will not be punished for late delivery” did you do this?

Get screenshots of the work you’ve done and your conversations with the buyer. Submit these to Customer Support and discuss your concerns and they will look into the matter.

He said that remove virus from my website anf fix errord, I send a custom order for only removing virus, after giving delivery his site is not working because most of the files are infected, so you tell me, How could the site works if 80% of files are infected, I attached the malware.txt You can see how much files that are infected. I remove all files that are listed in this and I send the delivery in which I showed my work

HEllo there, SO a buyer placed an order and i delivered the work. so the buyer did not accept the delivery and he wants a refund. how can i refund a part of the order amoount?

You can’t. There’s no option to do it.

What Customer Support suggests in these cases is that the buyer places a new order for the smaller amount (the amount they’re willing to pay), you deliver, they accept, and then you mutually cancel the problematic order.