Scammers,Hackers ! Please be careful


I was hacked by one guy earlier through Fiverr fb fanpage.Thanks to Fiverr support who helped me out.Now these hackers are sending message in in inbox and trying to hack.May be this is faced by everyone but still I am alerting to stay careful.They show us greed of a big project and scam us.

One message which I recieved in inbox today with a txt file.

hi friend,
wow I am amazed by your gig....
I have a one big project
i will give you 200$
if you able to do it, please read the attachment to contact me....

send friend request to me and contact me now to chat about the project.. i am 24 hours online...its very urgent...


Never respond to big project requests unless they actually put up. You don’t want someone putting a bone in your face only to take it away. Seriously no links or attachments unless it’s to do with a project and it’s their site. if it’s a FB or something suspicious exit stage left. if the file is an exe or a dll file don’t open. if the file is a zip file scan it. There are tons of people out there who will try and deceive but for every one shady person there are a lot of decent buyers. believe me I have like 5 customers who return on a weekly basis with like 2 or 3 orders a week.



I’ve had those “I have a big project for you, please check the attached file for details” type of message, and when I actually read the text file, it was either an email address or an SKYPE/MSN ID. I never responded to them, I just clicked "report."

Never respond to those messages!!!


how was you hacked ??

was there any logger in that text file ?


Nothing I hate more than spam and slackers…err… hackers.

I just posted my first 2 gigs and have already been asked to join some community with contact info, phone number etc… for $5. Is this against Fiverr’s terms? No way I am going to, just curious.

“Hi kendur, this is ******** I’m writing to ask you if you want to signup to a website as a lead with valid phone number and contact info for 5$? If you are interested let me know. It’s for a submit an invention site.”


Reply to @mukeshranahhh: No.I was hacked by google code…email was hacked which was linked to my fiverr account


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: are absolutely right


Reply to @zeus777: yes.I have fallen prey once to such thing…but now i am on right track.


Did you report to Customer Support so they can ban the person.


Beware sellers, these are pure cheats online. Never work outside fiverr terms and conditions please, stay safe and protected.


How did you get hacked from a txt file? I’m always wary of people who send me txt files. It is usually because the have some shady info they don’t want to get caught in the filter.