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Scammers in fiverr

fiverr is doing nothing against the scammers,they order to others seller and the ask for cancel the order,i have bad experience about it,what to do now??

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I think these are fellow sellers trying to bring your gig down by cancelling orders

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That’s not necessarily a scam. Sometimes people order by mistake, sometimes they forget to give you instructions and then they change their mind about what they ordered.

Remember that Fiverr is all about buyer confidence. Without the refunds, nobody would order here.


I have also your problem @kitkat9

Extend the delivery time so that before a change of mind or cancellation, you’ve delivered.:slight_smile:

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how?can you elaborate??

There are some fellow users who try to lower other users gig position by ordering mistakenly and later apologize for that. But not all the users.

But what do they stand to gain :question:

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Maybe they think they are lessening their competitor and reaching their gig top doing that work @sahayeni

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The logic is to deliver on time before they could blink