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Scammers increasing by the numbers! Buyers and Sellers

We are all at risk.

But there is an increasing number of scammers and Fiverr should take actions and be responsible as well as we are. Let me explain.

It is very common now a days for buyers to sign up with several accounts, make orders; most of them with free promos or free gigs provided by their “friends”. Then these new buyers will move forward and order from you . After working your ass off….yes most of us really work our ass off to deliver the best work and not just an automated arbitrage job. We decide then to turn over the job we patiently execute. Then an hour later the buyers turns back with cancellation request because he feels the job was not what he or she wanted.

So it is a situation of declining and accepting a bad review or accepting the cancellation and move forward. And buyers know we hate bad reviews!!

Fiverr should be responsible for:

  1. Flag buyers with 1 order 1 cancellation ratio.
    2.Flag buyers as they do with workers….Let us see the bad reviews on buyers too so we can understand who we are about to be working for.
  2. There has to be a better algorithm for rating us workers. Because we loose algorithm rating everytime we cancel a job…before working for it or after working on it. The more cancellation we have the less we are put on the front pages.
  3. Every time a new buyer cancelled they should not have their funds available until 30 days later……you will be amazed on how cancellation rate will go down …to the point of no cancellations at all…Buyer and worker will decide like human to resolve the issue before cancelling an already delivered Job.
  4. Revisions doesn’t matter because buyers don’t care about that …they want their money back after receiving the gig…simple as that .
  5. I f we are level 2 or top level workers then Fiverr should have a guaranteed of payment to us regardless….ain’t Fiverr monitoring our deliveries, actions and reviews ?

There is som much more to it…there is som much more Fiverr can do to avoid us been scammed and also buyers been scammed but as it is for now…the main interest is protecting the money and not buyers or sellers.

Just my 2 cents.
Chris Forleo