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Scammers increasing on fiverr


We are running out of time as well. Done deliberately we believe. Seller just disappeared and customer support says there is some button on invoice page to dispute and if the seller agree. I’m in circles on this site. My first experience and last…$150.00 DOWN THE TOILET. What is that suppose to be about. Still searching site to find to solve this. Any help from support team here?


This is a users forum here. And the support team doesn’t check it.

And the answer you got earlier is the right one.
Go to the order page and start a dispute.


I’m sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience on fiverr.
Yes there’s a button, on your order page, it shows up on the right side. It says “Are you having an issue with this order?” and there is a button that says “resolve now”.
It will then guide you through questions to resolve it.