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Scammers messaging me on different accounts and my response getting flagged

I have been constantly messaging me on different accounts, sending google docs links; each on saying someone from China needs access to my computer to set up an Upwork account. I have been getting really annoyed and recently said stop messaging me, not so nicely. But, each message that they send me violates community guidelines. My last message back to the most recent scammer said, don’t message me I know you want me to make an upwork account, or something like that. After I sent that, I got a message saying my message is under review. Now I am worried my account might be punished, do you guys think it will?

No It got flagged probably because of the word Upwor*. Don’t worry about it.

Don’t show interest to signup and they take username and password. After all they try to access your different marketplace account (freelancing). Some guys are face different problem by this way.
Windows firewall , real time protection ( all windows security)must be active.
Be continue.


Hope it gets resolved soon :slight_smile: