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Please she refuse to refund my money I want my money back, I made an order from she deliever a wrong job withhold the username and password for login into the dashboard of the site and hacked the site as well.

And now am scared to work with anyone inside these fiverr cos someone just scam me install wrong Wordpress just because I insist she must do has she promised,she hacked the site I had to go and change the password of my domain server instantly which I will never realse again to anyone for no reason she refuse to give me username and login till date that was why I was looking for someone responsible but everybody in here are all pretenders and destroying the site for the good of other just because of little money when you don’t realize that if you do your best for someone they me end up using you for bigger project rather than misusing the opportunity for a small project it’s unfair

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not permitted

The gig was a web design I contacted her,gave her the description and even 2samples of exactly what I wanted and I can’t even long in to the backend of the site she said she created and likewise she got it hacked just because I said I want my money back when ever I click on cancellation she decline it back .i look for fiverr feedback and click on unhappy and technical support,fill in every messages like 5times now but they never bothered to reply or fix the problem till they let her collect my money and I will never be happy with them.

You need to contact Fiverr customer support. You can get your money refunded and you should report the seller to Fiverr to let them know that she did that.

What kind of gig did you order exactly? And did you communicate with the seller before you placed the order? What was she supposed to do that she did not do?

Thank you so much for the reply,I did what you said already and the order has been cancelled.

Reply to @krazytinkas: Fiverr technical support has nothing to do with this. The sellers do not work FOR Fiverr, they all work for themselves and use Fiverr for advertising and to get paid.

What you need to do is contact Fiverr Customer Support and let them know and ask to have your order cancelled and get a refund. Customer Support can do that for you. Just explain everything clearly to them and give it a few days, they do not always respond back right away.

And the seller will not collect your money. It takes 14 days for payments to clear before a seller can get paid from Fiverr.

Reply to @krazytinkas: I am glad to hear you got the order cancelled. You should now have some Fiverr credits to get another gig. But make sure you fully contact a seller before you order to really see what their style of communication is and figure out if you can trust them.

This is not just something that happens on Fiverr. If you were searching the internet for a web designer you would have to do the same thing on your own.

Good luck, glad the order was cancelled for you.