Scammers on Fiverr


A little while back I was scammed on Fiverr. What happened was, I purchased a gig for $5 (It was a facebook likes gig) the seller delivered in record time, a few hours at most. I gave him a huge thumbs up and a great review. Days later all the likes disappeared from my facebook page and so did the seller from Fiverr. I never heard from him or saw my money again. Just a tip, even people with heaps of thumbs up are not necessarily going to give you a good time.

Just thought I’d rant on here,

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Since Facebook upped it’s policies this happens all the time. And that’s good. For me anyway.

What’s happened is people who use software and create “Bot” accounts are now having problems because Facebook closes the accounts down making all the likes the fake account had vanish. Trust me when I say, Facebook knows what’s a real account and what’s not.

Why do people use these kind of services? Because like @nystagmus_music says, nobody likes being the first person at a party. It also puts you higher in the search category and shows your page on peoples news feeds. BUT, this only happens if they are NOT fake. If they are ‘Bots’ not only will they vanish, but you put your page at risk.

It is a good service if you get a good provider. But they are few and far between.

Adding in my own little shameless plug here. I’ve been doing it for a few years. And as any of my clients will tell you, on my gig included, my likes stay because they are NOT bots. My Fiverr gig has been up for over a year and not one like has been lost. Why? Because they’re not Bots. What sucks is I can only do small numbers. But that’s better than none.

When getting this kind of service, you need to remember one thing. Real likes or not, it’s still a paid service. So if you’re looking for ‘Real’ fans then steer clear. Sure, once in a while someone will really like your page. But most of the people in my network don’t even look at it. They click ‘Like’ and move onto the next link. The service is for numbers and search. That’s it. Best way to put it? If you have a Facebook page on Peanut butter and you pay Jhon Smith to like your page, sure, he’ll like it. But he’s allergic to Peanuts. So he liked your page because he was paid to. But he’s not a fan.

Cheers everyone.


I am sorry this happened for you but know that in life you are going to find people who want to take advantage of others the same rings true on FIVERR. When wanted to purchase a gig it is best to look at the reputation of the seller and ask them lots of questions before the purchase


He had over 100 thumbs up and a 100% gig rating… :confused: seemed awesome at the time but I wonder if everyone else lost their likes too… :S

Thanks for the response!


Reply to @nystagmus_music: let me tell you what would have happened. As I’ve worked for facebook likes, twitter followers etc. Actually FB policy is to strict now. The people who sell facebook likes have millions of facebook accounts and softwares (As i have also) but now facebook is banning accounts which do much likes per day and reversing those likes. There was a time when i could do 100K likes in a day but now my all accounts have been disabled. And now its also very difficult to

create bulk accounts. I had a page with 200K likes now only 2000 likes left. huge difference? Because that accounts got banned and likes reversed. So as per I think he have worked hid best but due to FB policy his accounts may be banned and likes from that accounts

reversed. So he have to dissappear because he couldn’t do anything with such matter. I hope you are cleared



@sheikhsabayyal the like count was supposed to be 700 likes… so nothing extreme. But I lost all of them… waste of $5. but I understand what you mean, policies always change and things get stricter all the time.


@madmoo the thing is, and it’s a weird one, people are more likely to ‘like’ a page if it has a big following already. people love following crowds. It’s a strange world we live in.


Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: i believe…

Just like the dude who disappeared after i the twitter followers he helped me get for a friend. He ensured me that the would not vanish, bkos i have i have heard tales of such…

But weeks later the followers droppd from 27k to 10k…

He had promised to re add the followers if in case they vanished…

But when he wasnt returning my messages, i checkd to find a new user a set of different gigs… i was stupified…


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: And you are right to prefer it! Organic is always the best, and only way to get a “True Like”.

The only thing ‘Like’ services are good for is to get started. Get your vanity URL and make newcomers not feel like they’re the first to arrive. That’s why I always say a small number is all you need.

And, I might add. There’s no substitute for good old fashioned, nose to the grind stone promotion.

I might add for anyone reading that anyone who offers “Personal profile friends” is not only violating the Facebook TOS, but endangering your personal profile. Likes are different because they represent a product or brand. Friend requests… steer clear. And if anyone offers them I’d recommend running… fast.


Thanks for your comments.On earth,everything obeys the law of opposites.So be diligent and wise.


I’ve had the same thing happen in reverse. I do specialized, micro following on Twitter. Few people on the planet even do this! We don’t do “Fake” or “bots” or anything, we sift through the millions of ppl on Twitter and find you local customers and clients. VERY TIME CONSUMING.

So some idiot took advantage of the fact that Fiverr was down and having server issues, and the gig was late. During that window of time, the jerk actually cancelled the order, and ripped me off. I reminded him of Karma, and that as an individual, God don’t like cheats or rip off artists. His reply was to “Leave God out of this…” LOL

So it works both ways. I have ordered as much as a $1,000 a month on Fiverr.

Stratgegically, you CANNOT JUST USE “FAKE” followers for the sake of having fake followers, they are useless, worthless, and don’t do anything since they are not real.

But what you can do, is use that opportunity to jump your following up to a new level. Cross market your brand by asking for real likes on your Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs, not to mention Websites. If you tweet every day that “Pls Like My Facebook and I’ll Retweet Your URL…” then you are making a “Deal” you are offering a quid pro quo to the other people on your feed.

This way you are using the time between your purchase of “Fake” and when you get “Real” or so called “Organic” to build you your real base.

So use Fake as a “Fake it till you make it” Campaign. Do not use them solely as your only way of getting followers. That is a mindless waste of money - and you are not fooling anyone.


If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is. As an SEO professional (do not sell SEO here on Fiverr) I can tell you that these practices were never a good idea and now can actually hurt your rankings. It is also deceptive and a bad business practice (no offense to those who sell Facebook likes, etc). There are so many other, creative ways to implement very effective SEO and natural rankings, you are better off hiring a company that only implements white hat SEO. Yup, you will pay more than $5 for it.


Thw world is full of scammers . Just learn how to avoid them


Thw world is full of scammers . Just learn how to avoid them


Thw world is full of scammers . Just learn how to avoid them


Thw world is full of scammers . Just learn how to avoid them


Thw world is full of scammers . Just learn how to avoid them


There is an Indian guy,who offers $100 to different sellers usually with a _ in his username(he makes a new one every day) and asks to send him a facebook friend invite. Ok…that’s fine.Then he asks for your paypal email so that he can send you the ‘transaction’ That’s fine.But then he asks for your personal info so that he can ‘verify your identity’ Yeah…right. Fragglesrock That’s him on Facebook(in my case but he wrote to a friend of mine and it was completely different)

P.S. You can recognize him when you add him in FB.He writes in almost any sentence …ok …ok :slight_smile: Hope none of you get scammed :slight_smile:


The problem with these gigs is that many are software or bot generated (Google codename-like)

It’s a software program that populates with fake accounts. Any gig that promises 500 or 1,000 likes in a short period of time is a dead giveaway that these are fake likes and will disappear in a short period of time too. They are useless.

There are top rated sellers here that even say they are fake, but they have dozens of orders in queue.