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Scammers Overcharging Exorbitant Fees

Watch out for scammers trying to take advantage by trying to get you to pay $200 for a small task that normally cost $5-$20 from ever other freelancer. They have no reviews, live in a country where the USD is worth much more, and only have 1 or 2 gigs.

They prey on people who don’t know the value of the work, or newbies who don’t know how fiverr works. Then if you pay their requested exorbitant fee for the service, they then deliver sub-par work, or nothing like what you requested, then they SKIP OUT WITH YOUR MONEY.

This has not happened to me, but I can smell a scam from a mile away. It’s sad because they’d spend less time and energy by earning it legitimately, rather than attempting time and time again to scam people.


Thank you. We are all mostly sellers here. We do get almost daily warnings of various scams though due to diligent people looking out for the welfare of others.


If this hasn’t happened to you, how do you know it is a problem? You would need to have contacted a seller who offers a service for $5-20. They would then have to have quoted you $200. If this hasn’t happened to you, your scammer warning doesn’t really carry weight.

This in itself isn’t practical advice. There are a myriad of reasons why some sellers charge more for services than others. There is also a growing problem in freelancing in general, where clients have very skewed price perceptions.

One seller might charge $20 for a photo retouching service. Another might charge $200. Higher prices will often be indicative of the fact that a seller:

  • Has several years of professional experience
  • Invests in the latest state-of-the-art software and tools
  • Has an established brand (even if not on Fiverr) which allows them to charge higher prices

Anyone who takes time to learn how Fiverr works shouldn’t have this problem. Sellers can’t withdraw earnings from Fiverr until a 7-day or 14-day clearance period has passed. This also only happens after orders have been agreed as complete by buyers, or after orders have been automatically marked as complete 3-days after delivery.

In every case, buyers of any service have 3-days to request a revision. Alternatively, if delivered work is obviously not complete or not what has been requested, buyers can open a customer support ticket with Fiverr and request cancellation.

While scams do exist everywhere, they can be completely avoided by following three simple rules:

  • Buyers need to be available at the time delivery is due to asses the quality of work. If three days pass with a buyer taking no action over an order they are not happy with, orders will be marked as complete and problems become harder to remedy.
  • If a buyer isn’t happy, they can request a revision.
  • If delivered work is not delivered as described in a gig, buyers can complain to Fiverr CS.

I would be shocked to see a $5 gig that was able to get someone to pay $200 for it. That’s one heck of a sales job. Someone who can do that should be selling used cars.