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Scammers sellers

i open this discussion to put the name of scamers buyer…in order to make attention and not make any job for theme…i hope this will be helpful for all gigs sellers …

for me i front one of theme … i made my jobe for him and after delivration he ask me to cancel the order …of course i cancelled the order for not get a negative rate and he stole my time and effort …

this guys nikename is : fragglesrock.

plz be careful of him, he is a manipulate guys…

so if you front any problem like to me plz put it here and tell us the nikname of this scamers just to make attention


Sheriff’s note: you can’t call out Fiverr users, it’s not allowed.

I understand your frustration but it’s not allowed to call out any buyers or sellers :slight_smile:

That’s the rules…

Sorry for your bad experience :frowning:


@coyking73 Did you ask why the buyer wanted to cancel? If he didn’t have a valid reason then you don’t have to do that. You probably should offer a modification, first. If he goes on to leave a negative review, you can file a ticket with customer service, show them that you did the work as described AND tried to satisfy the buyer by offering a modification. You can ask CS to remove the bad review (not guaranteed, but worth the effort, especially if you’ve made every effort to satisfy the customer).

It’s possible, however, that the buyer has a valid reason to ask for cancellation. It’s not like he gets his money back; he gets a Fiverr credit for the amount. But we only know YOUR side of the story, and that you’re calling him a manipulative scammer without having the chance to defend himself. That is wrong! And, as @ psychicninadia said, it’s also not allowed. (And rant posts like this belong on “The Ranting Pot” forum, not here).

Good customer service will usually bring good reviews, and that’s the best way to achieve success on Fiverr. Sometimes you’ll meet difficult customers. How you handle them is a reflection of your level of professionalism and character.

I have the same experience but this time with the scammed seller. He/She delivered the task without any file or report. He/She just keep pressing the deliver button. Hope we can have someone on Fiverr who will listen and solve this issue. Order: #FO123A0A6E36 this is very disappointing.

Reply to @turnkeywebsite: forum is not a Customer Support replacement! Contact Customer Support, open a ticket and provide the evidence they need to help you.