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Scammers selling "Magic spells"

Not related to the content of the post but happy birthday to the OP! :joy: :partying_face:


I see your point, but these people are selling Harry Potter style “love spells” as in - make someone fall in love to you or return to you after they left you… That is not even remotely the same as astrology, numerology or all the other similar… crafts… out there.

Imagine some poor soul who was just dumped by their significant other, stumbling upon this and throwing their money away hoping it may help them. And the excuse “as long as it makes the buyer feel better” is kind of tricky, because the buyer may not be aware it is a scam…

And IF these love spells worked, that would open another can oof worms, as that would basically constitute some sort of “spiritual assault”…

I know many stories of people who were just plainly scammed, and am yet to find someone whom this helped in the long run.