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Scammers sending invitation links to get benefit out of it

Just to make sellers aware of incidents like this, i want to share something happened to me today.

Well, I found a buyer request last week where a guy posted a link of an website which was actually a invitation to create an account to a bitcoin platform. There were almost 60 plus offers on that buyer request. The same buyer texted me two days ago to help him design that user dashboard with that exact same link. He told me he needs exactly the same user dashboard of that website so i need to create my account on that platform to get my own dashboard. I knew from the first he had no intention of hiring me instead he was just sending invitations to random sellers which is a clickbait and eventually will give him some sort of revenue if we open up an account there. Funny thing he even told me to send a screenshot to prove him that i created my account there. I told him i saw the dashboard from google, no need to open an account there. I was kind of avoiding him so he loses his interest and go away.

Two hours later Fiverr reviewed our conversation, and the guy is no longer to be found. Thanks to Fiverr, but just imagine how many people are falling under this traps where these scammers are using sellers to get benefit out them and wasting their valuable time.

In situations like this, do you think we should report them or ignore them?
If we report, is there any way that this scammers can come back with different ids and takes revenge by giving false review or such mischief to hamper our Fiverr career?

Happy to know more about how to handle situations like this.