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Scammers want to buy my Fiverr account. LOL

I have to prepare people, because this happened to me twice. I have received messages from 2 separate people who “must” buy my Fiverr account. I am not sure if it is because they see how well I am doing, my 100% positive feedback rating or whatever.

The worst thing is that they only want to pay $100. Sorry, scammers, but my Fiverr account is worth more than that.

If this happens to you, this is what I do:

  1. Tell the person that my account is not for sale.
  2. Tell them that selling Fiverr accounts is against Fiverr’s TOS.
  3. Report them so they never bother you again.

    The message was also sent twice, so I assume this may be a spambot.

    I have a feeling that this is not the last time I will be offered, but I don’t do that.


Reply to @kjblynx: Exactly. Agreed and that’s why I am not selling LOL

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Yeah, it is not just the person behind it, but also all of your gigs, your rating (TRS, 2nd level, etc), your positive feedback, etc.

Sorry, scammers, I put a lot of work into my Fiverr business and I am paying my dues, so you do also. No free lunches on this website LOL

@ryuken - Or maybe they do understand that it’s the person behind it. That’s why they want to buy the account, and the username.

They don’t understand that it is not the gig that has value, it is the person behind it. When people get so blind for the money they only see the performing gig and not the person behind it driving the value for it.

Getting more?

What a fiverr acount is worth using stock market fundamentals:

average full timer makes say 30,000 a year on fiverr? Then you add maybe a growth factor of 20% a year. Value next years as a bench mark give it a 6x multiple witch is a normal multiple for anything with cash flow and zero debt.

so I gues the average acount would be worth $216 000 if purchased outright

Lol @ $100. Smdh.

I don’t this it is good to ask someone fiverr account. Only the person who have no idea for making money himself can do this type of stupid thing.

Reply to @kjblynx: You may be misunderstanding what he is saying. @matt_garry is talking about interest and investment of your Fiverr account. It is not about how much you make per year. It is about how much you make plus your interest over several years. Go back and read his post again.

You are a 2nd level seller, so I am sure you will make more than $500 this year.

iamrohit said: Only the person who have no idea for making money himself can do this type of stupid thing.

Exactly. LOL
musiclover said: Smdh

Me too LOL

Reply to @kjblynx: 2 years and only $500?

Reply to @kjblynx: Maybe you need to change your gigs or add new ones.

LOL, Why these people so money greedy. trying to buy someones account, instead of doing own…

I posted on a similar thread last week that I’d sell this for something like $300,000 (jokingly, of course.) I actually had someone message me and say he was interested, but he needed my password first. I told him it was “youredumb” and he came back and said it didn’t work. Hahah =))

Reply to @alliemadison12:

alliemadison12 said: I told him it was "youredumb" and he came back and said it didn't work. Hahah

I guess that password fit him well.

Reply to @matt_garry:

Matt, you have a very curious valuation method LOL. Generally speaking for a “you have to do the work” enterprise, value will be often less than 1x’s gross earnings.

Let me address this, if it were allowed (and I’d want to verify it’s not) I would also buy seasoned accounts on fiverr.

The difference is, I’d only offer to buy accounts of people who have clearly said they’re done, they no longer want to play in this marketplace.

And if someone really is leaving and are serious a couple hundred out the door is a fine bonus.

I got spammed about this too recently just before Christmas