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Scammers want to buy my Fiverr account. LOL

No Christmas presents for them LOL

Receive an offer about your FIverr account is not a bad thing. This is like an action, an online Wall Street. Personally I think that would be a good things having a categor called “Fiverr Accout For Sale”. That would be a motivation for every seller seeing the value of their account… But I am not agree doing it while it is against the Fiverr TOS. ( Idint verified that).

Currently You’re not available for orders (your page says it). Maybe you’ve used vacation mode any time it turns impression down. $500 in 2 years is unbelieveable as I normally generate at least $300-$500 per month. Well, it also depends upon category of gigs. I’m not able to see any of your gig so I may get an idea of what the matter is. Wish you best of luck for future :slight_smile: