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Scamming Buyers

Scammers are increasing day by day. The ability of customers to cancel order after delivering all source and work files is a gateway to scams.
They get their money back and even the service they didn’t pay for.

Fiverr should introduce on site non downloadable files viewing platform for seller service protection, which would allow the downloading and keeping of files only when the buyer has officially expressed their approval and satisfaction of the work they received. Other wise they go their separate ways, buyer with their money and seller with their service still in hand.

What is you’ll opinion about this solution?


yes you are right . scamming is increasing day by day. but we cant do anything if fiverr doesn’t make any solutions.


you are right, This is too unfair to the sellers.


As unfair as it may be to the Seller, the Buyer has every right to cancel or refuse.

Think about your shopping habits.

What if a store you went to “forced” you as a Buyer to never turn down a product based on the fact that you didn’t like the price, quality or for any other reason?

We have to remember that Fiverr is a business platform and we are all doing business here.

That means we also have to accept certain responsibilities and business protocols.

Is it fair to Sellers?

Probably not but that’s the system in place.


that’s why I’m proposing this solution which is fair for both the buyer and the seller. To view the files without downloading or possessing them and decide whether they want the service or not, otherwise cancel. But the only difference is that they won’t posses the files because they didn’t go all the way through the order.


I have been in business for years, in different industries.

When a Buyer cancels, you eat the loss.

That’s how it works in most any type of business.

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I agree . We need such solution for seller’s protection
Even i had this experience even after days of work Buyer keeps the order+ money back and no protection for us.

if buyer wants to window shop he/she can but atleast something like you said a protected view where buyer can see what hell be getting for the price and then through approval hell get to keep it .

you made a fair point though we need this


It hurt more when you spend hours working and designing over a project for several days, and someone gets to keep it without any compensation just because they decided they don’t like it anymore even though you kept them updated throughout the process.

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While I understand your feelings on the subject, I have also been in the same boat as a small to medium business owner.

I have lost a great deal of time and money from Buyers who turned down or changed their minds or just cancelled their orders from me.

It’s part of doing business.

You write-off the losses and hope for the best.

That’s what I’ve done in the different industries I owned businesses in.

There is nothing you can do about it.

Again, Fiverr is the same.

You are going to get cancellations.

Accept that, and move on.

Concentrate on improving your skills and providing quality work for those good Buyers that come along.


The positive attitude is definitely uplifting, but not a permanent solution. shouldn’t we propose and implement new practical ideas/methods for the betterment of the whole community rather than going with the old ways where possible?

yes scammer are increasing day by day

I think you are missing my point.

Freelancing is a business, not a hobby.

If you run your business correctly, you will encounter ups and downs.

Buyers who cancel are part of the reality of being in business.

You have to be able to deal with that, or get out of business.

I hope that helps.

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Maybe your post would be better in ‘Site Suggestions’? You might get more responses if it’s in a different category. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re also missing my point.

I never said anything against cancelation, it’s totally within the rights of a buyer. It’s the keeping of product after cancellation I’m talking about.
Don’t you have to return the product if you get a refund even in product based marketplaces? I’m trying to say that the same should be applied here.

I understand that.

Again, from my experience…someone cancels a subscription. You can’t take back the issues they received when the subscription was active and they receive a full refund.

Someone cancels a full page ad after it has appeared in print.

You can’t take back all the copies that have been distributed while the client gets a full refund.

Like I said, it’s part of doing business.

Learn to accept that there are Buyers out there who do this and move on.

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Personally this didn’t happened to me. but I know sellers who faced this kind of issues from local fiverr community. This isn’t the only thing, there are bunch of things to be fixed in the platform if fiverr ever thinks about fixing them. at the moment there is a lot of pressure on the seller. you can get the best service, but you can say it worse an cancel the order on a resolution request through fiverr. CS always try to make their buyers happy and to keep their standards with money back guarantee. They know sellers who earns on the platform doesn’t leave the platform much like buyers does. so they give refunds very easily. even at some points where sellers did deliver as they promised.

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As a buyer, I have hired many people. I had a photo of Jesus Christ and wanted some work done in editing it. She did the work and sent it to me, I requested a revision and I mentioned something that I needed to have touched up a little more. She got all upset; and told me that she had done what I had asked. You could say that she had a right; the only problem was I had a job that I needed to have done; should I be able to have the work done the way I want to. Growing up the the USA there was a saying, that the customer is always right. The employer should do what they can to please the customer. Of course I am not a scammer; I develop relationship with the people on fiverr. I believe I must have hired over 50 people over the past 5 years. I fired two people, one was the lady who would not make a small edit. What ashamed I hate doing that; she missed up; I am an awesome tipper. This is from a buyers point of view. That is why I love Jesus; we are all suppose to stop thinking about our-self and think more with the people we work with. Yet I understand that this is not a perfect world and there are scammers. Be careful what you wish for; you may not have any customers.


Totally agree with you.

I’m in Canada and was going to mention the “customer is always right” focus of excellent customer service in one of my posts above.

Thanks for sharing your insight.


Thank You; your very welcome; have a great day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The seller should definitely give revisions if the customer is not satisfied, being rude is totally unprofessional. But I’m only saying that they won’t have access to the files by downloading until they approve the work after seeing and being satisfied with it. They can request revision until satisfaction, and only then approve the work for payment and download.