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Scamming my order

I found a person who provide FB blue badge verification after talked with him he promised me to get the blue verification on my 3 FB page.
after process he said he already request and I will get approve soon by waiting another 20 days and request me to completed my order or accept order process.
Another thing he proof me that work on request form without logged in to FB account or page.
it really make no sense because how can he work if he do’t login and can work on FB function.
I am trying to contact Fiverr support to cancel my order, So please kindly check

I want Fiverr check all seller who provide all service to avoid that

And below is the task that he submit by fake

MOD NOTE: Screenshots Removed


I really respected this platform and I hope it helpful
so please verify your seller before their can sell their service on the market.
Please I waste my time and feeling.

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First of all you cannot put the users name here. its against the TOS of the forum so you need to remove that. Secondly you bought this from someone with no feedback at all & you have no idea if they can do the job. I think you know the answer to that now. A few other things.

#1 no one who can do verification is going to do it at that price point. its way too low and your account will need to meet a lot of criteria before even having a chance of getting verified.

#2 You don’t need to login to the account to do the work required for verification. It is external to the page… IF the person who is doing it really knows what they are doing.

#3 Managing and growing your FB account is not going to be enough to get it verified. you need far more than that.


he can not proof me that he is a member of FB center or any thing for me to believe.
So if that correct why he request accept order before job don?

  1. You need to remove or hide User names from your screenshot in order to protect Users´ privacy.

  2. Misleading - promising a service outcome which is not in Seller´s control would be the ground for cancelling the order and removing their Gig eventually.


As stated above, you have grounds for cancellation.

Absolutely appreciated with Fiverr, I come I because believe Fiverr.
everything going well Cancellation will be complete soon.
I always work with the right platform and right peoples.
Thank Fiverr.

this is very easy for you you can cancel your order if you not satisfier with him

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I understand working is not easy I always give peoples opportunity
I just want to make they honey with what they said, money is hard to earn so working hard for money is really make sense,