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Scams, 14 day clearance and other stuff

Okay so first off, why on Earth does it take two weeks to “clear” my money? I would appreciate a real answer.

Second, can some of the more seasoned sellers give me tips on dealing with buyer’s who want too much bang for their buck?

Lastly, [this is the most annoying part of this whole post], why are scam gigs not being taken down?

I distribute and print flyers, and while I was studying my competition, I noticed * some * sellers are able to “print 500 flyers to hand out and put 100 in mailboxes” for the totally realistic price of *** $30 ***. And them my favorite part of the gig description : “I will provide one photo for proof”.

You would think people would realize this is bull. But wait, there’s more!!


People. Ugh.

For security reason of course. There are times when as a seller you might deliver a completely different thing instead of what the buyer actually requested. And, if for some reason, they don’t get the time to check your order, or you steal and deliver some copyrighted material from somewhere else which can’t be identified instantly, at such times this period comes handy. So the 14 days period allows both parties to avoid any kind of misapprehension.
Long story short, for security purposes, and every platform does that!

Deal them thoughtfully, don’t undervalue yourself and don’t let any of them scam you.
Just say, no.

Fiverr always works on that. If a gig seems scam to you, me and the system, it will be taken down, sooner or later.
You can report any of the misleading gigs to Customer Support if you are truly disturbed.
And, all sorts of gigs will exist, because it’s an international marketplace, people from all over the world pass by and do their own staff here. Just be patient and learn to deal with it.


You tell them: “Sorry, what you want to be done costs Y, not X. Here is a custom offer/extra I’ve created for the job. Please accept it if you’re interested in hiring me.” Then you read through your gig terms to make sure they are worded in a very clear way to avoid any misunderstandings or deliberate misconstruction on any buyer’s part. You screenshot them and refer sneaky buyers to them in case of trouble. And don’t be scared to cancel orders if someone tries to force you or trick you into doing more work for less money.

First question has been answered for a million times if you search the forum.

Third question - I honestly have no idea.

  1. Only fiverr knows the answer to this. We can guess all day but we don’t know why.

  2. You need to communicate with them and let them know they are asking for things your gig doesn’t offer and be firm but polite.

  3. You might think they are scam gigs but fiverr, and based on the reviews of their clients, doesn’t think so.

There are places where that $30 will pay their rent for a month. Or buy a weeks worth of food. This site is international and it’s normal for different places to have different economies.

Don’t automatically assume something is a scam without knowing the facts.