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Scams and Excuses?


I’m quite new here, and I realized how flawed this system can be.
You don’t get refunds for the money you spend, instead, you get credit to the same place you got scammed, on Fiverr…which seems to be exploited for whatever reasons.

Two out of the three artists I have hired have made excuses of “being badly ill.” and the other, who has JUST started a 30 day gig with me, right after getting paid, tells me he might need more time because he is getting a new job. I mean, they all seem like legit things, so I don’t freak out, but inside I’m boiling, especially because I am unemployed, and using whatever little savings to work on my passion project.

I’m getting really anxious. I am spending over $500 to get original art for a board game I am creating. Is this place legit, or should I look somewhere else.

What are your experiences with getting scammed here?

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The site is legit but you are hiring the wrong people. There are good and bad and great sellers here.

I’ve had amazing experiences with an artist in Sri Lanka who never disappoints anyone and has about 15,000 five star reviews, only about 3 bad ones, and will continue making revisions until he gets exactly what you want, for $5 or $10.

I suggest looking for a top rated seller.


Sorry to hear that you’re having this experience. The situations you’re describing don’t sound at all like the typical scams people complain about in the forums. After all, if you end up canceling an order, a seller doesn’t receive any funds. Whatever small amount might be deducted is the processing fee.

While the system is flawed in many ways, it’s also not fair to say that not being able to withdraw your funds is a scammy practice. After all, it is in the Terms of Service that everyone agrees to when signing up :slight_smile:

It really depends on the individual seller. Fiverr is a big marketplace, and the fact that there’s not a lot of gatekeeping means that you get both the great and the terrible. It’s really up to you if you want to stick it out or not, but either way good luck with the board game! :sunny:


There are provisions in the Terms to get refunds to your payment source. That’s not a scam experience, though, so imaging be what you wanted. You can look it up if you are interested.

As for experiences, I’ve bought gigs that didn’t work out so I cancelled and ordered from other sellers. I haven’t been scammed in 3 years of purchases.

Can you please lead me to this artist? Thanks.