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Scams That are being Use for Signups

Hello I need someone in fiverr to please look into this scam when a person such as me request signups to be USA only

here is what I got 1 I got the names of Americans in USA but the emails were inter-nations. I do not know what you call this but I call it a Big Fat SCAM and I demand my money back


First, your post is not a tip for sellers so it will be moved to Conversations shortly. Second, you haven’t provided enough information to really understand what has happened to you. Did you buy a gig, and if so, what exactly what was it for? What kind of signups? Third, the forum is just other buyers and sellers most of the time. If you need to go directly to Customer Support click on the hyperlink in this sentence you can can click “submit a ticket” in the top right-hand corner.