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sCan't select higher Gig prices


Hello! I have a Mac Laptop. I have set up a Gig with three price categories, but it would not let me select higher than $25.
At first it showed a range, highlighted in red, up to $599 but didn’t let me put in a number higher than $25. Now all that is available when I edit is $5, 10, 15, 20, or 25… I cleared my history and cookies on both Safari and Chrome, and it is still not working. Any suggestions? Please???


Hi there!

Seems like you are a new seller here. So the way this works is, you need to level up your account in order to be able to publish more gigs or raise your prices above the $25 limit.


Hi Frank,
Thanks so much!
The problem as actually my computer or how it was displaying the drop down menu. I have been able to price my gig as I originally wanted to, and set the prices to the amounts I wanted. Hopefully I will get to make some sales.
I do really appreciate your reply.


I am new but I can set up price level more than $25.


Same here, it was a problem with my computer or how my browsers displayed the options. I have to highlight the dollar amount field and pull it with the mousepad on my laptop… kind of awkward but it worked. Now, I just have to figure out how to make some sales :slight_smile:


What do you sale in fiverr?


I am a creative writer. I am offering blog post writing. I think I might also do gigs for : poetry, a note of encouragement, and maybe a ‘fairy tale on demand’ short story gig.


you should logout your fiverr account and then sign in i hope then its fix


Thanks! I think it’s just the way it gets displayed on my Mac computer. I am able to select higher amounts, it just takes a bit of work to select them. Thanks so much for the reply! :slight_smile: