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Scary bug on earnings page

This morning on my earnings page the page is mostly zeros for everything, except for one $8 order. When I click on that I get taken to the front page of fiverr.

It also looks like the $8 is going to take another 13 days to clear but as a TRS nothing takes over 7 days on that page.

Last night there was a lot waiting to clear. Nothing on the page is correct.


All the 8’s ey? Fiverr is maybe trying to send you a secret spiritual message. Either you are immortal or a pending crisis is on the horizon.

When you contact CS, make sure to ask for the numerology or gematria department.


Ah I knew you would know the answer! Of course it’s a message. I just got chills. 8 is the number of immortality.

You are missing your calling.


Indeed. Perhaps the God of Fiverr wants to test your loyalty by seeing if you can live forever on $8. No cheating Miss C. No food stamps. No breadcrumb trails. Just hard budgeting. I’m sure your rewards will be vast when you eventually level up to official ‘Fiverr Immortal Seller’ status