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Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

They are updated every day, but not everyone needs them. Also, on mobile you just see the weekly statistics on the homepage, and that’s more than enough. Still, what most people need to care for is how many sales they get. I don’t care if I have 4000 clicks if there are no sales. So, that type of information is just not that relevant when compared to sales.

But to each his own. However, by creating 4 accounts you might have breached the Terms of Service, as you can’t open another account without Fiverr’s consent as far as I know. You may want to check that.

Making a new account every two days? Why?

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This is vary important for me

To check by analytics if there’s a problem with my account or not but still all 4 of them had zero impressions

Exactly… Before this maintenance, I was receiving 2-3 orders per day. But now after maintenance, there is no order. Also my gigs ranking getting low day by day. You can take an idea from this that how much the other person gigs are affecting due to this maintennace…

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There was no maintenance. It was announced for the weekend, but it didn’t happen.

Metrics not showing is not the same thing as a website maintenance.

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As far as I know there is no confirmation from Fiverr staff that maintenance was done.

Though it does not mean that maintenance was not done…

thanks for update…

Thanks for the update…

why fiverr is unable to solve problem from last 1 month…i am facing lots of issue in gig rank