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Scheduled Maintenance Weekend Downtime

Fiverr will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning . We are working to minimize the downtime and even to eliminate potential impact on the buying, selling, or delivery experience during this time.

The maintenance will be going on during the following times:

  • GMT - Sunday (Jan 31) morning 7:00am - 7:30am
  • EST - Sunday (Jan 31) morning 2:00am - 2:30am
  • PST - Saturday (Jan 30) night 11:00p - 11:30p

We expect the maintenance to last no longer than 30 min.

In preparation for if the site is unavailable, if you have Gigs that need to be delivered during this maintenance window, please either deliver them before (surprise and delight your buyers) or contact support and they can work with you on the delivery time.

Thank you in advance for your patience while we tune-up!



THANK YOU for communicating with us and letting us know about the maintenance. Please pass on to other Fiverr staff that we appreciate these kinds of announcements on the forums.

(Oh, hey, is the poorly drawn screwdriver and wrench again!)


Thank you for the heads up!

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Thanks for your important information

Thank you :exploding_head: