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Scheduling Jobs

I would love to be able to schedule jobs to begin on a specific date.

I have been very busy with jobs and have to turn down jobs as I do not have time for them in the current week. I would love to be able to schedule a job to begin when I know other jobs will be complete rather then lose a potential client.

If this is possible, please let me know. Otherwise I would love to see this feature built in to the process.

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You can only limit specific gigs from receiving more than X orders from the Gigs page. It’s the order limit function. But you can’t schedule order timers or such, everything has to be done concurrently.


Thank you for the confirmation. I think this would be a great feature to add.

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You’ve hit upon a good idea in my humble opinion. However, I also suspect that there are many other good ideas - and it would soon get to a point where if too many were implemented, the whole system would become overwhelming for the average user.

We’re in a similar line of work. I deliberately offer a three day turnaround for jobs that might take me just 20 minutes or an hour or two. This way I can choose to juggle jobs around should a larger order come in without impacting on the expectations of existing buyers, or else super serve my buyers by delivering quickly when I have the time. My point being that 99% of the time I’m in control.

This works for me because my buyers tend to be patient and prepared to wait for the result. I rarely get approached by people asking for a 24 hour delivery (which I mostly refuse as experience tells me these buyers are often the worst kind), and when I do have a request for a larger order that I can’t take on for another couple of days I respond with a custom offer with a delivery time of say 5 days. This often secures the work.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes I have learned that I have to extend the delivery time just so I can accommodate the workload that I have. I have learned by the mistake of offering 1 or even 2 day turnaround because you never know what may be ordered from you without any preceding discussion. I have since been increasing timeframes for jobs.