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Science and biology lessons are so easy with me

if you want someone who is professional in illustrating science or biology lessons for you or your little kids
i am here and i can do that very easily in an exciting way
don’t hesitate and visit my profile

Hello, Move your post category from Your Fiverr Experience to My Fiverr Gigs.

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thanks but how to move it

Hi there! I am on fiverr for science communications. I took a look at your gigs, they look like they are well put together. I am also looking to begin easy science tutoring lessons for primary education. The best way for you to improve your educational gigs is to advertise them on social media groups. Create a new account or use an existing account to share links to your Fiverr gigs and target the demographics you are interested in. This way it is easier to find individuals to work with and you will find they are also more geared towards the work you want to do. I am new here too, if you have the time come check out some of the gigs I offer that would be great! :slight_smile: